HP/Compaq Complaint - My HP hell story - Compaq laptop problems a week after I bought it

Review by meggreen on 2004-01-20
Last Monday I purchased a Compaq Presario 2100 laptop and used it without a problem for 5 days writing all of my law school class notes and homework on it, only saving my notes on the hard drive. Yesterday, exactly one week since I made my purchase (from Staples) my computer froze while I was typing a text document and some sort of weather program started initiating and the mouse's pointing arrow suddenly turned into a globe and my screen froze. I waited and when it would not get out of whatever it was doing I turned my computer off (even though I really didn't want to because I was afraid something else might go wrong) When I went to restart it The Compaq screen came on then the windows xp installing screen then the welcome screen, there on the welcome screen was the globe again and the computer was frozen. I know nothing about computers so I called the number in the laptops info packet immediately. The first person I spoke with could barely speak English and wasn't much help (which I would find out was only the first of eight more people I would have the same problem with over the course of two days and 4 hours on the phone) After several things wouldnít work they had me run the systems operation disk (I think thatís what it was called I don't have it in front of me, the red one) That took about 40-45 minutes to run and when it was done I was back at the welcome screen with the globe, and the computer was still frozen. I called and told them and they blamed it on me saying that it was my fault that I shouldn't have taken the disk out and I had to do it all over again. I tried to explain to them that it didn't work and I only took the disk out after the computer was frozen again at the welcome screen and wouldn't do anything. So I had yet another person, who couldn't speak English well and I had to ask to repeat themselves several times because I couldn't understand them, tell me I had to run the disk again. Once again the same thing happened so I had to call Compaq again and speak with another person who I couldn't understand (I speak and understand English just fine so I know it wasn't me) try to help me and it didn't work. I would like to mention that I also had problems getting a case number the one they gave me every time I had to call back and enter it into the menu, I had to go through the menu for about five minutes just to find out my number was invalid and I had to start the menu all over again and answer the menu questions again, not a pleasant thing to do because this time I was very frustrated and annoyed. When I would tell a representative that my case number didn't work they would all tell me it was fine there must be something wrong with the phone at that moment because it worked for everyone else, and that it would work the next time. This was only one of the many lies I would hear over my next few phone calls because after 9 calls total it never worked once and I asked several times for a new one. Finally I was told that the only thing they could do was restore my computer to the factory settings with the Quick Restore Disks. I was not very happy about this. I had all of my law school class notes and briefs on the computer and since I just got it and I didn't have a floppy drive I still hadn't figured out how to save to a CD because I never imagined I would have such a problem a week after I got the computer. The Quick Restore disks are four disks, which take maybe another 45 minutes total. You can imagine how by this time I had been on the phone for almost three hours and was not getting done the other very important work I had to do to prepare for a morning meeting. I ran the first 3 quick restore disks and then I put the fourth one in and it told me I had some sort of image error I called Hp again. It is now approaching 2 am and I am about to lose it. They told me that the message I received only comes up when there is something wrong with the disks and they would have to send new ones. Well I was less happy with this than with the fact that my whole hard drive was going to be erased. The one hope I had left to fix my laptop, which I thought was my last hope, clearly wasnít because the company had provided me with useless disks. I asked if I could go to the store where I purchased the computer early in the morning and pick up new disks, since doing without a laptop would practically cripple my daily work. I was told this very simple solution was impossible but if I wanted I could go out and buy some other disks. To me it would have made the most sense for me to go back to Staples and get new disks and then have hp send Staples the new disks since I'm sure they didn't need them as much as I did. This was a hopeless delusion I had because that would have been to simple and hp clearly does not work that way which I now know. Well after getting very upset the representative assured me that the disks would be shipped out 8 am FedEx and that I would have them the next afternoon (Wed). I asked several times was he sure and he repeatedly promised me that was what was going to happen. I can not emphasize enough how many times I asked if he was sure and how many times he promised me, I would really like to get a hold on those tapes they say they make for quality assurance because this man BLATENTLY LIED TO ME REPEATEDLY. I can not begin to say I was relieved that I would have them by Wed afternoon because they told me they could not be shipped to a PO box, and they could not bring them to me because I live in a locked building where there is not access to get inside except to those who live there, and I have no street address except my moms in another state which also clearly wasn't an option. So I gave them the address to my school hoping they would bring it to the post office there and eventually I would get it. I also had them put my phone number on the outside of the box. God forbid the FedEx man would come and not be able to contact me and leave; I wasn't going to have that happen. I was given a Customer Service number and was told I could track the package on the Internet. I went on the Internet the next day trying to track my package only to find that the page was unavailable. I was able to access every other hp page so I know it wasn't me there is just something wrong with that page. So then getting desperate and not wanting to call hp again because they are unhelpful and the experience is more frustrating than anything else I could possibly imagine. I went on the FedEx web site hoping for the best. Nothing. I had to face the last thing I wanted to do and call hp again to say I wanted to track my package. Well support after telling me my package HAD BEEN SENT THROUGH UPS INSTEAD AND WOULDN'T REACH ME FOR 2-3 DAYS (knowing my luck 4 or 5). I was about to go through the roof not only were the support people ineffective and useless for as far as Iím concerned they showed now common curtsey in even being honest with me. I almost feel like none of them know what they are doing and are too lazy to figure anything out and just like to transfer you to someone else and let you wait on hold for even longer and navigate through even more menus because they are too lazy to figure out how to do their jobs and just want to shove you off one someone else who might care when really no one does. Well tech support sent me to parts who was either Compaq or hp and they said they couldnít access the system it was on because they didnít know if it was under Compaq of hp (and I really don't know the difference or care I would just like the consideration of having just one person help me and answer my questions) well I talked to the other parts person (the two parts people were actually the only ones who spoke English) and she told me she didn't know why tech would send me there because they don't do that sort of thing, she transferred me back to tech. I waited on hold and navigated another menu while sitting in my car to once again have no case number that worked and to hear that they could not give me a tracking number that I had to do it online. They didn't seem to care that THEIR TRACKING SYSTEM DOESNT WORK due to no fault of my own. So basically now I've been told I might not get my disks till Friday, which at this point I will be surprised if that even happens since I don't think they even got the whole address thing straightened out. Overall it had been the most horrible experience I have ever been through with a product. Lets recap. I ONLY HAD IT FOR A WEEK, THEY SENT ME THE WRONG DISKS, THEY HAVE THE MOST AWFUL SUPPORT STFF WHO NOT ONLY DON'T KNOW WHAT THEIR DOING, THEY ARE LAZY AND LIE TO YOU ONLY TO MAKE THE CUSTOMER IRATE and show little concern or care (by my 5th phone call last night at 2 am my pleasant side had totally disappeared, and by my 4th phone call today my pleasant side had also disappeared). I will NEVER buy an hp product again I will be out two weeks worth of work since everything from last week is gone and now I am without a laptop this week. I am half tempted to return the product and I might just do that but only after I have written a letter to every address I could find on their web site. I hate to put any more work or effort into this but I REFUSE to have someone treat me like garbage and lie to me after I spend a great deal of money on a product I can't even use.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-21:
If you're in law school, then surely you're familiar with the concept of 'paragraphs'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-21:
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-01-22:
I fully understand your situation and have had the very same problems. Keep us updated!

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