Price Chopper Complaint - Lack of adequate help at the Rutland VT

Review by greenskeeper on 2008-12-18
RUTLAND, VERMONT -- Before I begin, I'd like to note that I have no problems or issues with Price Chopper in general, I have been doing business with them for many of my 68 years. I've been shopping the downtown Rutland VT. Price Chopper for the last 12 years and have been very happy with the services provided as well as the outstanding products that they sell. They recently remodeled their establishment and it is beautiful, but heres the issue. being a former businessman myself, I understand the need to cut back on help in these depressed times many companies have done so in order to meet the bottom line. I'm sure Price Chopper is no exception, my issue with them is that it seems to me, they've cut back on help in order to pay for their remodel.

The only part of the store that seems to be fully staffed is the front end, we certainly get checked out in a timely manner. but try and find someone on the grocery floor, want some deli meats?no problem except that maybe you should bring a chair for the wait, there are generally 2 clerks serving on the average 8 to 10 people and I don't know how many times I've seen the girls on the verge of tears and being very apologetic. they have an outstanding bakery department and everything they claim is baked on the premises, that is when they have what is advertised. ask for a certain item and the general answer is "we are behind in production due to lack of help, we'll get it for you as soon as we can."

Price Chopper has some of the best rotisserie chickens around, my wife and I love them, but try and get a clerk who will cut your chicken up with out you having to wait. my last shopping trip I asked for my chicken to be quartered, a simple request, simple that is, except that there were 2 clerks trying to service at least 6 people, all of whom had large orders, you could feel the stress and tension in the air. in the produce department, I asked the difference in apple varieties, the young man who helped me, knew little or nothing about the product he was working with. when I asked for someone who knew about the product, he stated that the person who might know, was on a break, and it was only the 2 of them in the department. the meat and seafood departments are always outstanding and I have no issues with them, the same goes for pharmacy. I love Price Chopper, but in the last year or so, their level of timely customer service in the above mentioned areas has suffered.

While that alone won't cost them my business, I believe they need to do a better job of staffing, for the sake of the customers as well as the staff. It's great to have a shiny new store and low prices, but when you cut staff due to budget constraints and the customers are the ones who suffer as a result, theres a serious issue here. It might not stop me from shopping there, but I can guarantee, it will leave a sour taste in the mouthes of others.THIS IS AN UPDATE TO MY EXPERIANCE.over the holiday period i had family in from new mexico and utah.in order to feed my guests on on one of the days of their visit, we all decided on sandwiches and subs,now price chopper in rutland has a beautiful new sub shop so we decided to let them take care of our needs,I could also show off our favorite market to my guests.this was on monday december 29th, past the christmas rush and not quite new years yet,when i expect them to be busy.but we got to the sub counter,and is there anyone to take our order? not at all,we,there were 6 in our party,stood there waiting to be acknowledged for at least 10 minutes.it's not that there wasn't anyone paying attention to us, it's just that the clerks were so occupied with the rush of people in front of the deli and hot foods counter that they seemed overwhelmed.I mean seriously,there had to be 15 people in front of the deli cases and 2 clerks waiting on them.the hot foods section also had several people waiting and i didnt see more than one, maybe 2 people serving them.this was around 4 in the afternoon, i'd hate to be trying to get served during the busy times.I was so embaressed and frustrated with the situation,especially when one of my guests made a comment about the overly long wait,and the look of frustration on their faces,these people were hungry after all.I just said forget it and we went to quiznos.much faster service.I stated before that i love price chopper,and it is our #1 place to shop at.but the lack of quick service is getting rediculous.I have better things to do than stand in line more than 10 minutes to get a pound of ham and cheese,or a sandwich.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-18:
I hear that Price Chopper is now charging a fee to shoppers who get cash back on their debit cards. This is a huge ripoff. It is to the store's advantage to have a shopper take cash; it turns cash in the cash register (which is not generating income) to an instant deposit to PC's bank account (which allows them to put that money to use). It costs the same for the transaction whether or not there is a cash back.

There isn't a Price Chopper down my way, but if there were this is reason enough to go elsewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-18:
I never thought of it that way Ken.. I always wondered why stores actively encouraged fee-free cash back on debit transactions. Learn something everyday. Excellent comment.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-18:
Thanks Crabby! :{)

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