US Bank, NA Complaint - Unauthorized Draft Although Pending Payment

Review by A Loyal customer to a Terrible Bank on 2008-12-19
LENEXA, KANSAS -- US BANK!!! HUH nothing says US about this bank, a customer to this bank since 2001 however when a accident totaled my car, the insurance companies auto and Gap had faxed documents to this bank advising of payment processing and soon would be delivered. However 6 days before Christmas- Hearless Huh this "bank" decided I was no longer valued although they had info in writing they would receive payment they TOOK almost 300.00 out of my account without authorization although direct debit had been cancelled and all their good for nothing customer service manager could say that's policy and well you should have paid. The Gap insurance company sent the check out on 12/19/08 to this company and what I was advised from this terrible institution is well when we get the check you will get your refund - the late fee 29.00 - the 50.00 fee for cancelling the direct debit option (that they still debited) I would have to wait 7-10 to get what is left back from my money. Some 5 Star service Huh?

Yeah I feel the five stars in my rear from this Bank. I warn you all don't walk past US Bank to read signs, if they say come in we have specials yeah special hidden fees, specially screw their customers. YOU ESPECIALLY RUN TO THE NEXT BANK! you've been warned.
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Posted by spiderman2 on 2008-12-19:
As you probably figured out, your bank still expecte payment on a car loan, even if you car was in an accident. I don't think any bank is going to let you stop paying and wait for your insurance company to pay up. The insurance company isn't a party to a loan between you and the bank.
Posted by Ben There on 2008-12-19:
Most lendors will not except an "IOU" or "a check is in the mail" even the car was in a wreck... There were plenty of people in New Orleans that still had to pay mortgages on homes that were destroyed in Katrina.
Posted by bryspy on 2009-06-25:
My 3 cents to US Bank:

To Whom It May Concern:

Last week we put a stop payment on a bill because we did not want to overdraft. After paying two stop payment fees of $60.00, the bill was still allowed to go through our account. We talked to the managers at the bank who told us there was nothing they could do because we had requested the wrong type of stop payment.

You proved that you do not have good customer service and that you could care less about the customer. You only care about making a profit off of people who are struggling to pay their bills and yet our government insists on bailing greedy banks like you out with the taxpayer’s money all in the name of profit.

It is good customer service to let a customer know all the different types of stop payments that you have. Or maybe you didn’t want us to know so we would overdraft or maybe you just didn’t care. Whatever the reason, it is the most selfish, thoughtless thing that a person could do. People can’t afford for the bank to play games with what little money they have.

You have forgotten the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Let me make one thing clear: It is MY money that is in your bank-NOT YOURS. It blows my mind that you think you can dictate what is going to happen with MY money especially after I tell you to stop a payment, pay $60.00 and you ignore the request.

The days of customer service are gone. The customer doesn’t matter anymore, at least not the customer with little money. All that is in the minds of people is profit and greed. This is how you train your employees to think and act. No one cares about anyone else. It’s all about me and how far can I get in life and screw everyone else. What a selfish thought process and this is what we are teaching the next generation.

Your bank has unethical policies and you are just as unethical for working there and enforcing these policies. Nothing good will ever come from greed or selfishness.

I hope no one ever treats you as awful as you have treated us. You don’t deserve to have a rich person or corporation rip you off in the name of profit and neither do we. I am not against profit, as long as it is made in the right way. Making profit off of fine print and withholding information from customers is unethical and unjustified. You score right up there with the health insurance companies.

This is not the only problem that we have had with your bank and I will be contacting the BBB and everyone else that I can to let them know about your “policies.”

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