North Ameican Airlines Complaint - Our Defenders of Freedom

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Below is a copy of my letter to North American Airlines. Please see newstory that aired Monday night. The Army and North American Airlines put our boys coming home from Iraq on a "junk" plane that had to be repaired 3 xs and stranded them in Scotland. North American told us (wives and mothers) that they were sending a plane to rescue them. Please see story. Per events I did not get to see my son and have not seen him as of yet.

Subj: My American Soldier
Date: 1/20/2004 8:53:10 PM Eastern Standard Time
To: acooper@northamericanair.com

First Coast News | Article ..here is a newstory that aired Monday night regarding my delimma because of North American Airlines and the US Army.

I sent a complaint today requesting a person in management to call me. Since I did not receive a reply I went ahead and notified the Better Business Bureau, an attorneys office and wrote to my Florida Representatives and Jeb Bush..also sending them the above newstory.

If I do not receive satisfactory compensation for this atrocity I will continue to pursue. Our country has spent $70 million dollars on this war. They contracted your company to bring our boys home. A mechanic from your company was flown in to Scotland to repair an engine. Instead of flying the stranded soldiers home, your company demanded the broken plane be repaired. After 3 serious problems with said plane, they were sent home on a repaired plane. Many family members (myself being one of them) called your customer service and requested that another plane be sent for the stranded soldiers. One was never sent. Your company provided sub-standard equipment to bring heros home on. What a shotty company. I will tell the world my story. I have written to Oprah, Montel and Larry King Live. I have written to Fox News and will continue to get the word out about how your company failed to bring our defenders of freedom home in a timely fashion and in the style they deserve.

I strongly advise someone in authority give me a call asap. I will continue on my quest until I am satisifed. Daily, I will find more to tell my story to.


Janet Goulet
3161 North Star Ct
Middleburg, Fl 32068

Subj: The truth about how our American Soldiers and families are treated
Subj: North American Airlines
Date: 1/21/2004 9:06:04 AM Eastern Standard Time
From: sharfst@northamericanair.com
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Dear Mrs. Goulet,

I received your e-mail this morning which you sent last night at 8pm and I
called the number that you provided this morning, but there was no answer.

I would be more than willing to speak with you at your convenience. The
phone number shown below is a direct line, please do not hesitate to contact

On behalf of the employees of North American Airlines, please accept our
sincere apology for not getting your son and the other members of the 101st
home on schedule. North American Airlines is very proud of having the
priviledge of transporting our nations military personnel and we have done
everything possible to provide that transportation safely.

It is not an accident that our nation's flag is painted on the tail of our
aircraft. We are proud of our country and the men and women who have and
continue to fight for the freedom we enjoy here at home.

I realize that there is nothing I can say to you that will give you back the
opportunity you lost of seeing you son step of our aircraft. If there had
been another aircraft available to fly to Scotland and pick up your son and
the rest of his unit we would have done it. In addition to this flight we
were operating other military missions and none of our aircraft were

I appreciate your frustration and I hope that you will accept our apology in
good faith. We care very much about our role in supporting our men and
women in uniform and our service to our troops is not taken lightly or for

I am thankful that your son is now home and safe and we are all thankful for
your family's dedication and service to our country.

Should you wish to speak with me directly, please do not hesitate to call.

Best regards

Steve Harfst
Chief Operating Officer
North American Airlines
(718) 907-2203

Subj: Our conversation
Date: 1/21/2004 9:21:26 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: sharfst@northamericanair.com

Our phone conversation did not go very well did it? All you wanted to do was calm me down. Let me tell you something, my son was putting his life on the line. He is an infantry soldier. He called me several times in my Kentucky motel room from Scotland and was disappointed that he was getting off that plane without a family member to greet him. I have first hand knowledge (documented) that that plane was repaired 3 times. That that mechanic was ordered to repair it and that they were sent home on the repaired plane. North American promised us that they would send out another plane. North American (according to Delta) could've called another airline to pick those stranded soldiers, but they didn't do it. So don't tell me there were no other alternatives or other planes to pick them up. I don't care if you never call me again...I don't care if you do nothing...because I will have this story out. I will tell the world that North American stold that moment in time when I could have greeted my defender of freedom from me and my son. I registered a complaint with the Better Business Bureau yesterday.


Janet Goulet
3161 North Star Ct
Middleburg, Fl 32068

Here is an email I sent to Army Public Affairs after they called me:

Public Affairs,

Thank you for calling me. As I can sympathize with all the horror stories you told me and as I do agree that my story "pales" in comparison to the horror stories that have happened to our soldiers in Iraq and their families I do feel that you were attempting to intimidate me. Let me say up front that my son is not to be intimidated by you or anyone else in the Army in regards to this situation. This situation is between you, me and North American Airlines. He is an innocent bystander.

I am keeping records of everything that happens and I respectfully request that you do not bother my son.

I am not easily intimidated. I am not easily swayed to believe or buckle to nonsense.

These are the facts:

1: Our soldiers were stranded in Scotland while countless of families were awaiting their arrival at our expense.

2: Our soldiers were put on a plane that had not 1 but 3 problems that had to be repaired and sent home on that same plane.

3: Per Delta Airlines...per contract with the airlines all the dept of transportation and/or North American had to do was make a phone call and they could've picked up the stranded soldiers and got them back to Ft Campbell, Ky in a timely fashion.

4: I will never get that time back to see my son come in from Iraq.

5: I want and am asking for a round trip plane fare, accomadation, as well as food and rental car to Ft Campbell so I can see my son. Wow...that is really asking alot isn't it??


Janet Goulet
3161 North Star Ct
Middleburg, Fl 32068
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