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Review by smoooth1 on 2008-12-30
PALM COAST, FLORIDA -- I was asked to give a review of my experience at Net FX Pro’s owner Larry. Well here it is... hang on!!

I have read the rules for this site so I am hiding nothing from the public or Net FX Pro.

I have used Net FX Pro for several computer repairs and purchases also. When I purchased my Laptop I (paid for the extended warranty), I received the laptop within about a week. I had some problems with it so I returned it to Net FX Pro for warranty work. It was sent to Asus for the repairs. It took over (4 1/2) months to get it back. I called Net FX Pro several times just to be promised it would be there in the store in a few days, which it was in shipping. That time passed and still no PC. I repeatedly call and/or went into the store to see what was up with my PC, still to no PC. Finely after 4 months I was told that the screen was being analyzed to find a problem that was wide spread and I would receive a new laptop of Asus top quality. That did happen.. I got that laptop in about a week.

All went well, and then I had some problems with this new laptop. I took it to Net FX Pro for the warranty repairs and it came back in the same shape as when I took it in. I returned it to them again, this time it was there for (over 5 months). I kept getting the excuses that Asus had it and it was out of Net FX Pro’s control. The owner at one point even called Asus (or at least I was told it was Asus) as I sat there next to him. I was getting very upset as I was clearly getting the run-around at this point.

One day they had a PC fair at the store, I confronted the Asus representative to inquire where my PC was and why it takes so long to get warranty repairs done at the Asus repair center. She informed me that it takes no longer then about 1 ½ weeks turnaround to have repairs done and returned. That made me even more upset and I told her my story. She did what she could and within another month of excuses, I received a new upgraded laptop. So far it is a great Asus product.
Along with that laptop I an agreement was made with Net FX Pro owner to receive a gaming PC with a quad processor, at least 320gig HD, 3 gig Ram, upgraded HD video card with 512 (or more) ram on it, HD sound card, multi card reader, (2) DVD RW drives, wireless keyboard/mouse, and Windows XP Media Center. This is to make up the difference in value from the faulty laptop and the new one (It was far less money). Again it has been at least another 3 months and I have yet to receive this desktop PC. Keeping with the past pattern I am getting EXCUSES, Larry states that he has been having a hard time getting the quad processor to work and that a new mother board is being sent. I have been told this numerous times and still I do not have the PC.

WHAT A HASSLE it has been to get a simple warranty fulfilled from Net FX Pro. To makes things even worse I was told on Christmas Eve that the replacement PC would be finally ready to pick up late afternoon. Larry was well aware that it was to be a gift to a visiting relative that would be leaving the next day. I went to pick it up and guess what... "EXCUSES"!! Not only was I angry but very embarrassed, it made me look like an idiot. Just imagine how you would have felt if it were you!

By the way, I did call Asus repair center, they informed me NONE of the PC’s I sent for warranty had even been sent to Asus for ANY REPAIRS.

I would not recommend that anyone go there for any PC needs unless you have plenty of time to HEAR EXCUSES…. The best part if is that he is supposed to be somewhat of a friend to me. SOME FRIEND!!!!

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