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Review by dejasmine on 2009-01-04
ST LOUIS, MISSOURI -- My girl friends went to dinner a couple weeks ago and had a terrible time.

**After asking for smoking they did NOT put us there, and we didn't know until asking for an ashtray

**We were moved from one table to another at request of a server so she could move a table.

**They have your waitress and then some other person to fill your drinks. well this other person took one persons cup and we had to ask over 15 minutes later to have the cup back!

**She put the wrong soda in my cup after I told her no. Didn't speak too good of English or something...

**The wrong amount was entered onto my card, I was NEVER told. I called the store the next day after balancing my bank book and was advised by a manager that this happens all the time...and don't worry about it. HELLO you double charged me... I'm worried... I was told the owner, whom I was not allowed to know his name or work hours would have to think about and call me back. I was NEVER contacted. A few days later I called back, got this owner and he blew it off as well as no big deal, this was days later and he was suppose to look into his voids and call me back. it has been a few weeks now and I have not heard from anyone. AND IT IS STILL ON MY BANK ACCOUNT. I told him I wanted all of my money back and he said he won't do that. keep in mind I only spend $10 in the first place, so I wasn't asking for very much. Just wanted my money back for the pure aggravation of dealing with this place.

**The server...well I can't believe she is employed as a server. Rude. Didn't ask if we need anything. Would walk past us with out even a glance. No smiles. No greeting. She put all separate receipts on the table in a pile, we had to figure out who got what, same when she ran our totals she just threw them down and we again had to figure it out. 2 tables that ordered after us, large tables, rec. their food before us. It took FOREVER to get drinks in the first place, and for her to take our order. Not personable at all. She took one plate with food on it, just walked up took the plate and walked away, the girl was chewing actually at the moment then was like what do I do, ask for new food because she took half of it...

Well we blew off the service as whatever were never coming back here! It was not until I discover I was overcharged, and they didn't care, and have not called me back, and refuse to even try to make me satisfied in any way that I decided to attempt to make it public what a terrible terrible experience this was.

I was told they will not refund my money, I am waiting currently to see if the 2nd charge will be removed from my account. The company manager and owner both refused to do anything at all. They said people call back all the time claiming "my steak was burnt a few days ago can I have my money back". This was not my claim. They passed me off and I'm quite ticked off... Ive managed and worked in food and bar places and never treated a customer like that!

My recommendation is do not even attempt to eat here for reason of pure terrible service.

This is the Tuckers place at South Lindbergh and Union rd. We ate there in December 2008.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
chicks that smoke aren't hot
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
MR Gringo what do you call Britney spears
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
i call her "Spear Britney".....I've seen hotter bag ladies..lol
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2009-01-04:
WEll ummmm..alrighty then.....My question is how does one "not speak too good of English?"
Posted by D on 2009-01-04:
Your english not so good maybe is...

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