Colon Cleanse 700 Complaint - Colon Cleanse 700 Rip Off

Review by mthomason61 on 2009-01-04
GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Buyer Beware: I was told that I only had to pay for shipping 4.99 and could have a 15 day free trail period. What the company does not make you aware of is that you won't receive the product until 15 days have passed. I was unfortunately duped. I still had no product on the 15th day I noticed on my bank statement that 89.00 was taken for the colon cleanse. Of course I was not prepared for the cost to be withdrawn from my account without ever receiving the product. I have been dooped for 150.00 because of over draft fees, When I confronted the company their reply was that you had 15 days to cancel after you have tried the product. I did not receive the product until the 16 day and was charged full price on the 15th day for something that was suppose to be a free trial, and something I still did not have possession of. Because of the untimely event of this dupe, right before Christmas I was not able to give my son or husband a Christmas present. I feel like an old lady who bought the scam hook line and sinker. I sent the product back without ever trying it. If a company has integrity they don't have to scam their customers. Let the product speak for it's self. Unfortunately I won't try any of these type products that were mentioned on Oprah. There were other products like these that were mentioned on Oprah and those companies I found out through the Better Business Bureaus operate the same way. I was also informed after the fact by my bank. They will keep charging you each month until you inform them that you do not want to be on their membership. I had to close out my account so that no more money would be drawn from my account.

Learn from my mistakes do not even bother. Don't get duped like I did. Hoodia is another company that operates the same way.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-04:
These colon cleansing products are all scams. If the human digestive tract weren't self-cleaning, we'd all be dead. Good review on the mechanics of how this company takes advantage.
Posted by D on 2009-01-04:
The only thing that got cleaned beside your colon was your checkbook....

It's just as well because that enema routine is extremely unhealthy.. your body will become dependent on the use of those "cleaners"...
Posted by NeveragainAmazon on 2009-01-04:
It's the american fad...colon cleansing and hoodia...our solution to a healthier you! lol Many people believe it has magical powers...apparently not...no big surprise! What ever happened to eating right and daily exercise?
Posted by Starlord on 2009-01-05:
I bet you ordered this from the stupid infommercial they run, right? You hav eot be quick, but they do state on hte bottom of the screen that the free trial is contingent on signing up for the regular delivery schedule, and that it may be cancelled at any time. This means you authorize them to deduct the funds from your bank account by taking part in the free trial, You have got to read the fine print. they did not scam you, you just didn't make sure you knew the conditions.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-05:
All of the posts above are correct. Of course you were entitled to your 15 day free trial. The product was delayed and you did not have the money in your account on the 15th day. It appears that you had no intention or plans to continue with the product after the free trial even if you liked it, otherwise you would have had funds available. You wanted the freebie and were going to cancel. A lot of people do this but what happened here is the company screwed you before you screwed them. Not a good way for either you or the company to conduct business.

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