Thomson Inc (GE Phones) Complaint - Warranty Is A Joke And Fraud!

Review by bgk on 2009-01-07
THOMSON INC. PO BOX 671988, MARIETTA GA 30060034, GEORGIA -- I purchased 2- 5.8 GE Edge phones at Walmart. The first phone (07) simply stopped working-after 8 months. All instructions to fix faulty phone were tried i.e. replace battery/reset battery/unplug phone etc. I did not have time to contact warranty, as I desperately needed new phone asap. Purchased second phone in same model-because I liked features, in 03/08. Again this second phone simply stopped working this time after 6 months! I IM'd contacted instructions on warranty calling phone number listed. Thompson was so very nice ...at first. On September 30, 2008-I was informed by Thompson Rep. This phone had a defect & Please send the phone back, wanting me to cover postage. Upon explaining I was not paying postage for the second phone as I ate the cost of the first defective phone. Transferred to Supervisor who told me a digital phone will not work in my area. HUH? I had used the phone(s) with no problems with interference for nearly last two years. Now don't forget- I was also just informed of defective product. A pre- paid envelope was shipped to me in mid Oct. 08.

I Fed-ex'd the phone back- Shipped October 21, 08-Signed by Thompson on 10/27/08, recd phone. I called # listed for Thompson to follow up on phone delivery 10/30/08 and to see how long until a new phone would arrive. 14-21 business days- Great! November 12- still no phone I was still a few days short of the so called business days. With this phone call I was told it would be another 14-21 business days from receiving of this phone call! I spoke with employee 'xxxx'. Why? 'problem with shipping'. Bear in mind I have all tracking numbers FedEx signature etc. Asked to speak with supervisor-none available. A xxxxxxxx was to call me on that day. The call never came. I was also told by "xxxx" to call Thompson on Nov.20, 08 to check status. Call to Thompson on 11/20/08-No phone had been shipped: I asked for supervisor again, I got 'Jasper Jones'- I was told by this supervisor it would be another 14-21 days until my phone would be shipped (from 11.20/08!) Why now? Re: no phone model availability, informed him I would take any comparable model. 'Well that won't work', Mr xxxxx replied. The 14-21 days is not Guaranteed-the warranty depends on phone availability. Very angry at all the different excuses: I called back on 11/26/08 no phone shipped. Why? told they were now 'back office problems', I replied: 'That is not my fault, I didn't get chance to pay for two phones on a credit lend of money from Thompson and I expect the same service to replace my phone. The answer from them- 'well the the phone shipment is now up to the distributor. Expect at least another 14-21 days from this call!!! Called on 12/05/08- irate by being told above- I called to speak with supervisor- transferred to supervisor/ Casey Brown on 12/07/08.

When story was explained again to her-from the very first call to Thompson in September 08 as to whether this phone was defective- she again explained problems with back office and no guarantees with this warranty, so this warranty could take up to ten years I asked she replied: technically 'Yes'! Guess What? You got it ; wait another 14-21 day from this phone call on 12/05/08! word of warning- don't keep checking with this company on a product you paid for and it breaks-as you can see every time you call, a representative will tell you the same another 14-21 business days. I threaten supervisor MS. xxxxxxx to contact BBB. She said- 'that's fine but call us in 14 to 21 business days- but it may be sooner!' Call 12/ 15/08; no phone shipped, told my business days were not up.. Called 12/22/08: no phone shipped problems with the model could not get that particular phone. Please wait another 14-21 business days! 01/02/09 called back giving this hardworking company and the back office a little Holiday time-to get things straightened out over a simple phone.

By the way every time you call the phone number listed for Thompson the 8003 or the # I have listed -your call is diverted to the Philippines.. luckily you are not charge for this call. Generous of Thompson to say the least! Sad to say the phone has still not been shipped, and it is a distribution problem again, and the model BUT- it will be expedited to me in 7 to ten business days! Today as I report this fraudulent Company I still have no phone. Although I have exceeded the 14-21 business days- the 7-10 expedited days are not up. I think I will check on its progress today- January 6, 2008 Although Thompson has purchased the GE name, GE is of no help so do not even waste your time contacting them they bounce you to Thompson.

Despite their name being sold I will never purchase another GE product, for Thompson has surely wrecked the GE Name! Thankfully my problem is two phones around $70.00-my heart goes out to those who have purchased TV's, etc. This Company should be shut down by someone! The above person I spoke to: 'Abby' was so afraid she would be fired for accidentally giving out her name, so I pray she is not fired! Just called Thompson: My phone has a ship date! January 6, 2009! Wait- that is today! Its arrival date is in two days-I will update! This company was the most ridiculous Company and unfair that I have ever wasted precious time on! BGK MASS
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Posted by jmbarb on 2011-04-04:
I had the same experience..class action suit sounds like the next step against this company..

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