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Review by bidder693 on 2009-01-09
CULVER CITY, CA, ARIZONA -- Bidz offers a wide arrangement of jewelry and watches on a continuous fast paced live auction format.

The site is very well laid out and makes it easy to bid on very expensive looking quality jewelry and watches. However, it is harder to find the fine print so to speak.

They have logos that state 100% money back guarantee. Read the fine print. This means if the item is not as described they will refund 100% of the auction sale price only. This does not include shipping, customs fees, gst, appraisals, or ring sizing. Also, if Bidz decides the item is as described you are also out a 15% re-stocking fee. In the end you can end up only getting a refund of approx 60% of the fees paid.

Do your research. Check the websites for watches you are considering purchasing. If the search comes back with a spelling error you will get a fake. I have bought ESQ Swiss, Moschino, Aquaswiss, Sector and Marcel Drucker watches I am very happy with all were brand new in original packaging with international warranty cards enclosed. I saw one watch I purchased for $31 for 289.99 at a retail store. It was a sector watch and Bidz retail compare price was 285.00 and the company website also stated MSRP of 285.00. I have also bought some cheap watches that aren't even worth bidding a dollar on after you pay the shipping and all the other fees. Stay away from any watches without a retail compare price they are worthless. Avoid Marc Naimer, MN, ICE, ICE extreme, Partisian, etc to name a few.

As far as the jewelry goes I have only bought rings for the most part. The rings with a retail price of 1799 to 4760 have been really good buys and I paid approx 8% of the compare price which is 40% retail.

Read the description carefully. Any rings under 4 grams will feel flimsy and cheap. Don't buy any SI3, I1, I2 or I3 diamonds. SI3 is not a recognized grade and will likely come back as an I1 for clarity. Any "I" graded diamonds will have visible flaws detectable to the naked eye. SI1 and SI2 will need 10X magnification to detect inclusions. If you want a diamond that isn't dull looking don't buy any clarity less than SI2. SI1 and SI2 diamonds are considered good buys for someone shopping on a budget. Now for color anything less than a grade of J will be yellowish and the further down the color scale you go the diamond will get darker from yellowish to brownish. So clarity at least SI2 and color no darker than J you will end up with a clean looking diamond.

Don't get caught up in the fast paced format. Any bid received in the last 15 seconds of the auction resets the clock for an additional 15 seconds. This will continue as long as their are bids.

I have bid on numerous items in the last couple of years and and developed a few guidelines for myself after receiving products from all categories of jewelry and watches. First off if you want quality or as close as you can get on Bidz only bid on rings with a compare price of 1799 and up. Pay no more than 10% of the compare price and that is a maximum. I have generally been able to get higher quality items for about 8% of the compare price. Any highest quality items will have a reserve price and it is always over the 10%. These generally have a compare price of 10,000 plus. 10K gold rings with a compare price of under 1799 have been Walmart quality. So realize that if you are bidding on a ring with a compare price of 1500.00 it is going to be an inferior Walmart quality piece of jewelry. I have received lower end gold rings without a hallmark on them anywhere. Items listed as 10K but no stamp on the ring anywhere. The photos are stunning and are magnified up to 30 times. Also the light shining on the items in the photo really enhances the color of the stones. Look at the photos carefully if the claws on the stone look large then you will be getting a very tiny stone. Weigh some of your jewelry so you have something to compare when reading auction listings. If you have a flimsy ring weighing 3 grams and the listing you are viewing weighs 2.8 grams you have a pretty good idea of what you will get. Keep a measuring tape nearby so you can measure height and width measurement against your finger to see how the ring will sit on your finger.

My past experiences with silver rings are as follows: Avoid blue topaz described as sky blue in color even though the photo may be stunning you will get a very dull comparison. All blue topaz with one exception looked like clear glass with blue tinge in the corners. The amethysts and citrines also look like colored glass. The best rings I have found in the silver category are peridots, garnets, and cubic zirconia. These match the photos the best. Also I always paid less than 5% of the compare price on all the silver rings I bought and am happy with about 60% of the 35 rings purchased. Some are quite cheap looking. Also if the silver rings have more expensive stones like rubies or emeralds stay away you will get the worst quality stones. One ruby looked like it had been sliced with a knife across the top and the emerald have many flaws in the stone to the point that the inclusions in the stone will probably cause the stone to break over time.

I have also bought approx 35 rings with a compare price of 419 to 1500 I have generally only paid 5% of the compare price or just slightly over. I was bidding on a 10K gold man's 5 diamond ring with 0.20 CTW color J and clarity I1. The ring had a compare price of 1129. This ring is comparable to something Walmart sells but the price usually went for 95 to 100 USD over 90% of the time and by sticking to my 5% rule I bid on this item over 100 times and eventually received it for 42, 53, and 56 USD. A comparable ring sells at Walmart for 149.99.

Use the watch list feature to see what the item is going for and keep track. Most items show up over and over again so be patient. It may take 3 weeks or so to get the item at a good price but remember you set the price.

Customer service has canned responses to standard questions that sound more like a telephone solicitors script. Any out of the way or unusual question that requires assistance will get a very dismal response, if they get one at all.

In closing I would just like to say that I can't stress enough how important it is to read all the information. Read the return policy and be sure you are comfortable with it before bidding. Also, read the diamond guide as well. The diamond guide can be read on the Bidz website or on many other jewelry sites as well. Be familiar with the shipping fees as well before bidding. Also read some comments on other consumer websites including the better business bureau.

Go to the websites for the higher end watches. Read consumer reviews on the watches you are considering buying. Know what class of diamond you are willing to accept and know what the different grades mean. Also be knowledge enough about the 4 C's to understand the wording in the descriptions. If the item you are interested in comes up over and over then print the listing page if you are not sure and get a second opinion before bidding. Some of these tips will help to ensure that risk of disappointment is minimal.

I did receive a 10K ring with a simulated ruby and a small diamond with a compare price of $419.00. I got this item for less than $25.00. When I received the ring the small side diamond was missing and not in the packaging anywhere. I contacted live help to get a RMA number to return the defective ring. This item was in with an order of 4 other items and I paid $35.95 shipping for the first item and $3 additional for each additional item. If the total amount of the order would have been under $300, it would have been sent through FIMS which is $10.95 for the first item and $3 for each additional but wait at least 3 to 4 weeks for item to arrive in Canada. If there are delays at customs your order may take up to 8 weeks. What I don't understand is why all the orders that I have received through FIMS are sent from Malmo, Sweden after being in Newark, NJ. Anyway after paying shipping, trans fee of 3%, customs and Fedex fees for collecting customs it was approx 27/item. The total was 44.95 to ship 4 items and the customs fees were 53.20. So out 27 USD to get a 25 USD refund and that doesn't include the shipping back or the possible 15% restocking fee. So it was actually cheaper to keep the item than return it. I also suspect that if the item is returned that it is just relisted until someone doesn't return it.

Don't order appraisals as each item is not appraised. They sell thousands of the same item and only one appraisal is done. They charge 33 USD for a generic appraisal when you can go to a Mall and have an independent appraisal for the same price. Also you can compare this to the auction listing. Don't order ring sizing from Bidz as if you have to return the item the ring sizing is non refundable. If the appraisal checks out at the reputable mall jewelry store then have your ring sized where you had the appraisal done.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-09:
Good review. But way too long.

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