Barry's Honda North Dartmouth, MA 02747 Complaint - Customer "Lack Of" Support

Review by Jerry Bedard on 2009-01-17
DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- Barry's Honda North Dartmouth, MA: Great smiles pre sale, many handshakes... best buddies until you actually buy the car and express concerns when its at your home. We purchased a left over 2007 Honda Odyssey on 23 Dec 2008. I'm told its technically used but with only 200 miles on it, its like a brand new car. We were looking for a van and purchased the Odyssey. I had done the test drive at night (winter days are short) and liked the handling. After getting it home, we were missing the Honda emblem on the rear hatch. Not only missing it but someone removed it with a screw driver or similar metal tool leaving a deep scratch. Driving it to my in law's house on a bright sunny New Years Day allowed us to see the tinted windows block ZERO sunlight for the kids. I'm not whining but why tint the windows if little to no sun is blocked? We were also displeased to find several scratches on the hood of the vehicle and discover the side doors too heavy for our 9 year old daughter to close. Going back to see the manager he assured me they would:

- Buff out the scratches on the hood
- Replace the Honda emblem
- "Take care of" the deep scratch and
- Grease the door tracks to see if it would help our daughter close the heavy doors.

I don't think that is asking more than what should be expected. Nothing outragous to be sure. To have it serviced we dropped it off on Wednesday the 14th of January and were told by the salesman 3 hours later... "sorry but they were unable to buff out the scratches". They did nothing to the door tracks and were kind enough to take some cheap tube of touch up paint and try to cover up a 3" scratch on the side of the Honda emblem.

The condescending manner in which the manager spoke to me was initially insulting, however returning the vehicle, no corrections made and refusing to return my calls is what MY BARRY's EXPERIENCE has been thus far. I think its certainly within reason to ask that a vehicle in excess of $20,000.00 plus be free of scratches and the doors open and close easily. I also think for the van to be pitched "as new" and simply not responding to concerns raised is not what customers should expect after selecting their dealership to buy a vehicle in tough economic times. Attempting to cover a deep scratch with bubbled over touch up paint and hope we wouldn't notice is what a consumer could only view as their "post sale" committment.

BARRY'S HONDA NORTH DARTMOUTH, MA CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT SUBSTANDARD TO DATE. FOR THE DEALERSHIP'S MANAGER TO DELAY ACTING TO RESOLVE THESE SIMPLE ISSUES OR EVEN ALLOW THE VEHICLE TO BE PICKED UP IN THAT CONDITION IS IRRESPONSIBLE. I AM ASKING FOR THE VAN TO HAVE SCRATCHES REMOVED AND DOORS TO OPEN SO THE REAR SEAT PASSENGERS CAN GET IN AND EXIT THE VAN WITH SOME DEGREE OF EASE, that's all! (As I expressed to the manager of the dealership, the reason we bought this van was for upcoming sporting events she will participate in and I shouldn't have to apologize if she can't open the doors without handles). THANKS TO THE GOOD FOLKS AT BARRY'S FOR ALL THE ENJOYMENT WE'VE HAD THUS FAR. WE CONTINUE TO TAKE TIME AWAY FROM A HECTIC SCHEDULE FOR SIMPLY HAVING THE PROMISE OF THE MANAGER KEPT...A FULL MONTH LATER THIS STILL CONTINUES. (Perhaps if the roles were reversed, certain dealerships might understand the repeated inconveniences if THEY had to go through some silly nut roll like this). I have no personal issue but will not continue to be blown off in this manner. I will continue to keep potential, future customers aware of this to help YOU make a more informed decision about whom or whom NOT to purchase YOUR next car.
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Posted by Jerry Bedard on 2009-01-27:
Update to the story:

Have been to and from Barry's Honda Dealership in North Dartmouth, MA now a total of 5 times. STILL NO RESOLUTION to the issue of removing scratches from hood, deep scratch on rear hatch and lubing door tracks for Honda Odyssey. Last visit I spoke to the dealership manager and he expressed his wishes to fix the problem. He told me I should just drop it off and they would coordinate a date to have the issues addressed (their body shop in New Bedford, MA). After calling them, they thought it best for me to "just take my van to have it looked at" by the people at the body shop. I explained to the gentleman on the phone, this has been ongoing ever since I purchased the vehicle and my schedule doesn't allow me to just leave work anytime I wish to inconveince me further. He assured me he would call me back immediately with a date the body shop could take care of the scratches and perform this work that has been promised for approximately 35 plus days. I will state this again, make what you will of the post but my sincere intention is to notify people who are looking to purchase their next vehicle of MY experience at Barry's Honda of North Dartmouth, MA. The initial post was Customer "Lack of Support" and 35 plus days later there has been no change to that statement. IF I READ THIS, I WOULD CONSIDER ALSO I KNOW NO ONE THERE AND HENCE HAVE NO AXE TO GRIND....I'M ONLY TRYING TO EXPLAIN THAT A SIMPLE FIX HAS BEEN ANYTHING BUT SIMPLE...IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN CUSTOMER SERVICE, I'D CONSIDER THIS ARTICLE AND HOW THIS MAY EFFECT YOU AND YOUR PURCHASE.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-01-27:
Jerry, not being familiar with a Honda Odyssey I don't know if a typical 9 year old child should be able to open with ease a heavy door. That might not be a valid complaint. I do know a friend purchased a "new" vehicle with 170 miles on the car. The car had been ordered and driven from another dealership, hense the mileage, and the customer had decided not to purchase. My friend got a bit better price but the vehicle was treated as new and was sold in pristine condition. Perhaps another member can offer some sound advice to help you get your issues resolved.
Posted by Jerry Bedard on 2009-01-28:
No Handle:

You make a good point with regards to the doors. My daughter is a good athlete and I feel it would be reasonable to assume that Honda would consider who is sitting in the back seats of their vans. I'm only asking they lube it anyway...I can't control how heavy a door might be. These are "family" vehicles and I can't imagine they wouldn't be designed to have only older children and adults use the doors. My deeper issues deal with the lack of customer service, no calls to repair the scratches we were absolutely assured would be taken care of and all this wasted time. I stated it earlier but I'm only offering these comments to potentiel consumers so they can know what has transpired in my direct dealings with the manager. I've been told face to face on three seperate occasions they'd remove the scratches and still no action on their end. As with anyone in this boat (or van), my patience is understandably wearing thin.

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