Juniper/Barclays Bank Complaint - Usury Rate Increase - Credit Card

Review by My4Kids on 2009-01-19
Sadly, this finance company was who I was referred to by Apple a reputable organization; thru my own fault I did no research and just accepted based on the good name of Apple. Little did I know what kind of scam Barclays was running. I feel like yet another victim in the Financial Collapse of America because of institutions such as Barclays Bank/Juniper.

I have made more than my min payment; I have made payments twice per month...never late. However, because they have their scam set so that their "system" doesn't understand a payment made on the 20th of the prior month is for the payment due on the 6th of the next month they consider your payment late and charge not only exorbant late fees but increase interest rates to a Usury amount of 27.99%.

The only way they can be stopped is by no one applying and using their organization. PLEASE...be wary.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-19:
How did Apple make the referral? Did you finance a computer or other device through Juniper because Apple offered Juniper as a lender? When a payment is applied is stated in the lending agreement. In most cases, a payment made during the current billing period is applied to the current billing period, not the next one. So, it is possible to incur 'late charges' for a missed or late payment subsequent to an 'extra payment' made during the current period.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2009-01-19:
Doc is telling you like it is. You could make 10 payments in the current billing cycle and 1 payment in the next cycle that was past the due date. And all this still occur within a 30 day period.

Advice: Pay one time per month. 5 business days before the due date. You will not have this difficulty again.
Posted by My4Kids on 2009-01-19:
I bought a new iMac online at the Apple store and was offered the no interest for up to 90 days with the Juniper Visa with iTunes Rewards...and yes I learned the hard way not to make any payments outside of the "billing cycle" because their system is not advanced enough to know that multiple payments have been made. However, I believe that Barclay/Juniper basing this supposed "late payment" as basis for increasing my rate is abusive and in my opinion usury. I sucked up the late fees although I feel unjust but Barclays refusal to even consider the re-evaluation of the rate hike poor business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-19:
I agree My4Kids. It is abusive. Lot's of people get caught in this same trap daily. But, do admit, it is not a 'supposed' late payment according to the agreement you signed, it is a 'real' late payment and it triggered a rate increase. The possiblity of the rate increase d/t late payments was also in the original agreement. I'm not chiding you. But, in-store financing is almost never a good idea. I say that even of Apple, and I'm a die-hard fan of their machines.
Posted by My4Kids on 2009-01-19:
Point of this...I'm not a dead beat consumer who is making late payments and crying because I got what I deserved. I want my voice heard; I did not get what I deserve and that is fair treatment; cautioning others and simply saying do your due diligence before you end up doing business with unethical organizations such as Juniper/Barclays. Regards
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-19:
Your point is well received. Juniper's has a long history on this site. Virtually none of it good. Nobody said you 'deserved' the treatment Juniper handed you. We explained why it happened. And you are right, do 'due diligence' before you sign a debt contract. Juniper stated its ability to abuse you in the contract and they did exactly as they said they would. Stick around this site, in addition to the warning in your post, you can help others and learn a lot about more due diligence. All the best!
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-19:
i understand it is up to the card holder to contact the card company if a payment is made early. this will ensure the payment gets creditied to the correct month.
Posted by 1hapicamper on 2010-09-17:
I just posted my own experience with Juniper/Barclay bank's usury practices. I'm just so upset that I didn't do my 'due diligence' on their card before I signed up. It's great to have a forum to express our thoughts when you know you are being screwed!

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