Ichibar, Henderson, NC Complaint - How To Add Profits By Ripping Off Patrons!

Review by Tryme on 2009-01-21
HENDERSON, NORTH CAROLINA -- (Preface: I had visited this Ichibar Japanese restaurant about 100 times (about 2 years) before this incident occurred so, at least look at it from a bona fide patron's view before commenting!)

My wife and I went to this restaurant one evening (as we often did) and ordered the same meal we had over 100 times in the past. The waitress was new, so she questioned the broccoli only request when we ordered the teriyaki chicken with mixed vegetables. She informed us that this is a $1.00 upcharge to give broccoli only (per person). I informed her that we were never charged before, did something change?

She went and got the manager (never saw this woman before in 2 years of eating there) who told us it was always like that. I told her that since she was new, we were never informed and we had always made this request and all the other waitstaff on duty had seen us before. She called them all over and made quite the scene. She told all of them in front of all the other patrons (20 + tables of 2-4 guests) that this was unacceptable and went on and on to where my wife and I thought someone was going to be fired as she was interrogating each waitress about their previous dealings with us!

We were extremely uncomfortable and we asked to leave. The manager informed us that we had to pay for the drinks (tea) that we ordered at the table and barely got to drink. We didn't spill the drinks as we were leaving (a thought because she was so rude) and paid her. We even gave her a tip as we left... (not sarcastic, the drinks were $3.00 and I gave her a $5.00 and left the change as a tip).

This restaurant does not deserve the patronage that it receives because of the way they handle customer issues!! Please do not patronize this restaurant!
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Posted by shayen on 2009-01-21:
Vance County is seriously challenged in the restaurant department. I can't imagine your experience becoming reason enough for anyone (except yourself) to discontinue their patronage of Ichibar. You may well have received all broccoli with no upcharge in the past, but it appears that may have come to an end. Perhaps the employee(s) in the past were suppose to have been charging you extra but for whatever reason had failed to do so? I do agree the way the "manager" handled the situation was dead wrong. She should have politely explained their policy and spoken with the employees away from customers. I would not have left a tip. But the decision to do so was yours.

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