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Review by gamom43 on 2009-01-21
We received a card for $150.00 worth of free gas - all we had to do was pay a $5.00 fee that would be reimbursed at the end. We were suppose to send in $100.00 worth of receipts each month from the same brand of gas - we chose Shell since it was a station we use frequently. We sent in June, July, August, September, October and we never received anything - each month I would e-mail them - I would call them - it was always the same old story - "this isn't the way it normally is" the gas card will be in the mail. Finally, I got sick of it - the e-mails were being returned saying that they couldn't accept anymore. I decided the last month - November - to just not waste my time and postage and send in the receipts....I filed a complaint with the better business bureau - and within 2 weeks we had 5 $25.00 gift cards in the mail - they were all in a handwritten envelope.

I guess that we won't ever get the $5.00 back since we didn't "complete" each month - and I guess the last $25.00 I won't get - but I was going to tell you to file a complaint with the BBB (I did it on-line). You will get your cards then!
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Posted by S on 2009-01-21:
Interesting. So they were giving away gas cards if you gave them $5, and then they would reimburse you. So essentially you were paying $5 to join a reimbursement program, and the "card" was really just a formality.

Sounds a bit like a pyramid scheme. They collect $5 from everyone and pay out very little back... I imagine most folks just wrote-off the $5, but since you were so persistent they actually caved and gave you some money.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-21:
The program is really not a scam. The $5 fee is refunded on the last set of gas cards. However using the program is a hassle. Another problem is that the places offering the program are advertising it as a gas card. For example there was an auto dealer near me that was advertising "Free $300 gas card just for test driving". When I asked to see one of the cards they showed me the program application form. I walked out.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-01-21:
great review.

very helpful.
Posted by RDH on 2009-01-28:
The company is the problem, not the program. I tried their program last year when I bought a new car. Got a $500 gas certificate. Sent in the 5 bucks, then receipts for 6 months in a row with the voucher and even one was certified so I know they got it. Got all my emails saying they got all my receipts too. Not one card yet and it is Jan. 2009.

I sent my complaint to FL BBB and FL States Attorney General. I found out this company is under investigation for Unfair Business Practices by that office. (Yea' Think!)

I have no hope I will ever see those gift cards.

Do NOT do business with anyone offering certs from Largo FL and under any of these names.

Tidewater Marketing Global Consultants, Inc. d/b/a FreeGasRedemption.com and FreeBeeGas.com. Also Freebiegas.com, gasolineredemption.com, gasregistration.com, securegasredeption.com, freegascentral.com, freelegacyfuel.com and I am sure many more.

Got this from FL States Attorney General web site.

and the BBB in FL. (NO surprise they have an "F" from the BBB.)

Buyer be warned!!!
Posted by gamom43 on 2009-01-28:
The $5.00 is suppose to be refunded - and I may have actualy gotten the $5.00 if I had completed the last month of sending in receipts - but it is kind of a hassle to keep up with all the receipts (I made copies of all of them and a copy of the voucher each month). At first the company answered all my e-mails immediately - saying they were sorry the company doesn't normally work so slow - and I would get the cards - I was told this every month - and finally after I posted the comment to the better business bureau (actually I googled it first and saw all the complaints) then I submitted my complaint - and then they sent five $25.00 gift cards which was what they owed me. So I guess even losing the $5.00 other than the five and alot of time the only other thing it costed me was postage - and for that I got $125.00 in gas. I personally wouldn't do it again because of the hassle - but yes you are right if I wouldn't have ever stayed on them and reported them they would have gotten the $5.00 - and from what I have read - they get alot of people to send them the $5.00. We actually received the voucher from a car dealership - we didn't test drive a car or anything - told them they advertised a free gift if you just walked in.

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