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Review by diedra24 on 2009-01-21
POTOMAC MILLS MALL, VIRGINIA -- I never thought I would have a bad word to say about this store since I've been a loyal customer for years, but needless to say here I am. My ordeal started back in April of 08'. I went in with my mother and daughter to look for a wedding dress since I knew they had added on a bridal department. I had previously seen the dress in their catalog when I first got engaged back in 07. After trying on what seemed to be 100's of wedding dresses, I just knew this was the one. The consultant was very helpful in April, leading me straight to the dress I was looking for. She handed it to me with no problems, in the size and color I wanted. Since wedding dresses seem to run a size small and I'm a 16, she handed me an 18 and sent me to the fitting room. I came out a few moments later on cloud 9. the dress fit perfectly and everyone agreed that it was the perfect dress for my pending beach wedding. I told her we hadn't set an exact date but we knew the wedding would be in August of 09. She told me not to purchase it just yet because people change their minds or alterations may have been needed. Basically the date was too far out.

I did what she told me and waited until January of 09 and went back. I should have know something was wrong when I was told within the first five minutes by a new consultant that not only did the dress not come in white, but the only size it went up to was a size 14. I told her there must be some mistake since I had previously been in and tried the dress on in a size 18 and in white. It also reflects on their website even as I write this that they DO make it in white and it goes up to an 18. (false advertising if you ask me), Anyhow, two hours later of checking and calling around, I was told I could order it but it would take until July to come in.

Seeing as it was a basic dress, she told me that was just an ETA and it may come in sooner but they had to quote me July. I made the deposit on my Visa and left the store with receipt in hand and feeling a little apprehensive about the entire transaction but I figured it was just typical nerves of a bride to be. Two weeks later, I got a message on my answering machine in a very matter of fact tone that they couldn't get the material and had to cancel my order. (since when can't a bridal vendor get CHIFFON???) I was devastated. I wouldn't consider myself to be a bridezilla at all but this was one thing I had my heart set on. I was told on the message that the money had already been credited back to my card.

I immediately checked my bank statement and low and behold, the order had never even been placed! This just added to my frustration. I went into the store only to be told by the manager that her store did EXACTLY what it should have done. I don't see how that is the case when a follow up call was never even placed. I tried to explain to her that when dealing with Bride to be's they need to be a little more sensitive to situations like this. She blew me off and said "well I left you a message". My frustration grew even more when I tried to explain to her that I have a generic voicemail and asked how she even knew she had the right number. Phone numbers get transposed all the time. I myself have done it on occasion. I also compared my receipt with the copy she had and "Inquiry made on 1/7/09" was hand written in on her copy but not mine. That just told me they never intended on ordering it in the first place. She just insisted that basically she did the right then when leaving me a VERY INSENSITIVE message. A REAL customer service agent or manager would have offered for me to come back so they could help me select a new dress or ANYTHING other than the BS attitude I had to deal with from her.

Not ONLY have they lost my business in the bridal department, they have lost it all together and I plan on making sure all of my family and friends know what kind of customer service they offer. I just can't even fathom the idea that if she had gotten the wrong number I would have been waiting until July for a dress to come in that had never even been ordered! I went to Davids and found a new dress and while it's not the one I had my heart set on, it's still a beautiful dress for my perfect day. Bride's to be, you may want to think twice before trusting this store with your bridal needs and trusting them to do their job when it comes to your special day!
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Posted by diedra24 on 2009-03-05:
I can not believe that in this day and age this is happpening. You mean to tell me this is what our world has come to. Now I see why businesses are filing bankruptcy.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-05:
So sorry to hear about your ordeal! I'm starting to shop for my wedding dress this weekend for my November 09 wedding and I can only hope I have a better experience than you. Take heart, though, your wedding day will be perfect no matter what you're wearing :)

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