Evergreen Kia Complaint - Think twice about financing thru Kia

Review by dontbuyakia on 2009-01-22
EVERGREEN PARK, ILLINOIS -- My daughter recently attempted to buy a Kia at Evergreen Kia. She is 22 years old and wanted to buy the car on her own. We struck a deal with the dealership on pricing and we agreed to an 11.9% loan. My daughter and the financial manager both signed the contract. 2 days later my daughter was contacted by the dealership and was told that she needed to come in to sign her third party loan contract. When she got there she was told they were not able to secure the 11.9% loan, but that were able to secure her a loan for 22.9% for 72 months. This new loan would have taken her payments from $300 a month to over $450 a month. We decided after reading the contract we had 15 days to dissolve the contract if the dealership could not secure the original loan of 11.9%. We informed the dealership that we preferred to return the car rather than secure the 22.9% loan. At that point the demeanor of all of the dealer personnel did a 360. They became ignorant, rude, degrading, and very unprofessional. Its a shame that the Kia motor company would allow such unprofessional practices to take place.

While we were there we encountered 2 other customers who were in worse situation than we were. heaven help anyone who deals with Evergreen Kia. My advice to you is bring a lawyer if you want to purchase a Kia.
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Posted by David on 2009-01-23:
thats very common in auto financing. I'm not saying its right its just happens a lot. They send you home with the new car they take your old car in trade then they call you in a bit and tell you they need more down payment etc etc. Thats why its always advisable to get your loan approved from your credit union or bank then you know your ok before you have to deal with the auto finance guy.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2009-01-23:
Dan is right - this is becoming a common complaint here and at other sites. Your best defense is to handle your own financing - then you know the dealer has their money and you have your car.

If your daughter had tried a local credit union she might be surprised what a good deal she could have gotten on the loan.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-01-23:
Also, I would NEVER leave with a car until everything was finalized and signed. That would help avoid a situation like this too.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-23:
Common tactic. Let the customer take the car home so that it becomes 'theirs' in the customer's mind and harder to give back. Then, change the financing, price, or other terms. Never leave a dealer with a vehicle until all of the papers are signs and you have all of the copies.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-23:
wow, 11.9% is no bargain. If your circumstances permit, go with her to your local credit union and apply for the car loan there. If you can, and if she needs it, co-sign with her. She'll get a normal interest rate (somewhere around 5%) and she'll be building her own credit.

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