Champs roller rink Complaint - Champs roller rink is no longer a kids atmosphere!

Review by TnJhomestead on 2004-02-16
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I took my five year old little boy to Champs the other night and was apauled! I could not believe what I heard! They were playing the nastiest music I have ever encountered! The lyrics to one song was I know how to get your pants off and I am going to twirl your clit! Another song was about beer and ofcourse sex! It was all the nastiest rap they could find! Another was the song Its getting hot in here, take off all your clothes. They played Justin Timberlake, I will have you naked by the end of this song. The worsed though was the song that the chorus kept singing I like the way you fu#@! Repeated time and time again. It was not even bleeped out! There were hardly no parents there! Only the ones with little ones. If the parents knew what their kids were being subjected to and how they were acting they would rethink that! There were boys roller skating all fast trying to knock eachother into other kids, kids cursing and grabbing themselves saying awful things flicking eachother off! They had to be like around eight! I saw an older man staring all the kids down, and finally caught him hitting on alittle girl! She looked so emberassed! I had to put a stop to that quick! He wasn't even looking at her in the face! The employees did nothing to stop these things! A complaint does no good there either! exspecially when there are perverts that are not there with anybody coming on to little girls! They need to kick perverts out! They need to set a better atmosphere also! That was so inappropriate! I took my child and left as soon as I could! It was ridiculous! I would like to picket them actually! I can not believe they have turned a kids atmosphere into a nightclub! If you do not believe me and you send your kids there, GO IN and see for yourself!
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-02-19:
This is one of those rare cases where I would actually contact a local TV station; they'd eat up a story like this. Check it out - if they do do a story on it...tape it and send it to me.
Email me at Mad_Eye_Moody3677@aol.com
Good luck!

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