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Review by cinciipolice on 2009-01-26
CALIFORNIA -- I would like to get out what scammers these people are they show you a product on eBay and describe something close and send you a way cheaper version. And because they are a power seller Paypal is no help Paypal/Ebay one in the same. I started a claim with Paypal and they sided with the power seller they didn't even ask to see the cheep version of the red dot scope I bought. It was because they offered me $20 And I said no. I had three contact numbers to call and each one was just a runaround to keep you from filing a claim in the amount of time you have on Ebay. Gave them a neg feedback and was told they would give me my money back if I removed the post. It was way more than about the money at that time. These scammers should be held responsible this is steeling. It would be just as easy to post the picture of the scope they are selling instead of a higher price one just to get higher bids. I was reading another blog about eBay would not be in business if it was not for sellers.

There will always be sellers The buyers that is what makes eBay and they have lost another one. Sure would like to see buyers stop buying for one week to show them just what is what sellers have to sell to keep from having a real job buyers just want!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-26:
If I understand your post, the seller did a bait and switch on you and then Paypal offered you your money back and you wanted the seller punished instead? I'm not very clear about your complaint. I dealt with one bad seller, a non delivered item, and Paypal gave me my money back, but it took a month. Clarify your post and maybe someone on here can offer some advice.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-26:
About 60% of eBay transaction are fraud related.
Posted by MRM on 2009-01-26:
PassingBy, this is why I never purchase anything from Ebay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-26:
This is why I do everything that MRM does
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-26:
I just do everything that KenPC does.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-26:
i do everything Miss Marple says...especially cruise stuff. :)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-01-26:
I just do what ya'll and them voices say.
ebut won't let ya sell a gun, but will do the accessories. Need to find another place to do your business.
Posted by cinciipolice on 2009-01-31:
sherdy pay pal offers you nothing, the seller offered me 20 to keep the switched scope. In the claim with pay pal they(paypal)claims the seller was willing to work with me at that point it was about the scam. After this post I Sent paypal a picture of my scope and the add posted. I dont see what makes the dif but when I ship it back my account will be receiving a refund for the amountbased on the termsof pay pals buyer protection programs. Except I have to pay shipping one more time to send it back the seller is no longer on ebay (under that name) they are still there. Firstdist sellers name
Posted by jmb1911 on 2012-05-11:
I had a similar experience recently with this eBay seller FDI Inc dba ultimate arms. I ordered a tactical gun bag from them. I received the bag and the first time I use it it rips during normal use. The eBay listing says it comes with a lifetime warranty so I call them. They tell me to return it at my own cost ($14) and they will replace it. I ship it back to them and 10 days later I receive the replacement. The only problem is they sent me a different bag than I ordered. I called CS and they told me to return it again, at my own cost ( another $14) and thy would replace it again, however this time the are going to charge me a $5.95 processing fee to replace their mistake...only problem was that they said they no longer carried the bag I originally ordered...so they would be sending me another wrong item. I asked them to just refund my money and they basically told me to "f" off and take my business elsewhere.
Posted by Mister P on 2012-08-10:
I bought a half dozen items from ULTIMATEARMS and they've always been Top notch.I've never had any problem.

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