West Coat Ventures Informative - More SPAM for the Unwary

Review by complacentbrinenetspam on 2009-01-27
AKA: Complacentbrine.net

This company starts by using predictable user names with popular ISP domains to bombard the naive with offers too good to be true.

Want to "Work at home in your spare time and make $$$ doing web searches?" Sure, but isn't that what Google's QA department does?

Interested in a "Free computer"? Since when is something free if you have to spend money to get it? Scroll through page after page of "special price" offers, and click no thanks on each of them, but don't be surprised if you launch a malware program that tries to install a rootkit and turn your existing computer into a zombie bot.

Remember the basic tenets of internet usage:

1. The internet is insecure. It has many predators, you are their prey. They will lie, pretend to be someone else, and tell you what you want to hear to steal your identity, your money, your data, control of your computer - and they are probably more experienced and smarter than you are.
2. Never use your name as part of your personal internet email address.
3. Never give out your ISP internet email address to a website that doesn't have https registration pages and a current valid security certificate,- such as THIS SITE. (If you don't know what this means, you shouldn't be using a web browser)
4. Never, never preview or read mail from someone you don't know and didn't request unless you are willing to risk your identity, SPAM and reinstalling your OS and apps.
5. It's not IF they will attack you, but WHEN.

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