Dicks Wings and Grill Complaint - No Unsweetened Tea - Poor Customer Care / Poor Business Acumen

Review by Privateer.1 on 2009-01-29
GREEN COVE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Recently, I attempted to have a nice treat at Dick's on a cool cloudy night in Green Cove Springs.

Let me state that I truly enjoy the wings at Dicks and the Cajun ranch sauce is a favorite for a reason.

Our local Dicks Wings keeps short hours (even on week ends) probably because we are a small community and not as monied as some other areas of Jacksonville.

I am aware that expenses must be controlled to some extent and that is one way to do so. Never the less, odd hours, short hours and inconsistent hours can become more a detriment than a benefit. This has become more and more a fact than impression of late and I was happy to see the place open with a few customers enjoying the fare.

Bottom line, this particular restaurant gives me a bit of the jitters, as the employees seem petrified of the boss/owner/manager and therefore, the service, servings and ambiance of this place is infected with this big bad boss virus. Customer be damned, food cost control is everything.

If he/she is in fact an overbearing micro manager, it is beginning to show and if not, the same management is unaware of the poor decisions made on this restaurant floor by the employees who staff the place. Either way, management is failing.

This story continues when I was greeted, seated and asked what I preferred to drink. Ice tea please, was my reply ---- unsweetened. A few minutes later, I was told that "we ain't got no unsweetened tea". I mentioned that it was only 7 o'clock and that making some product to sell might be prudent. (make some tea) I was told that the boss was in and that he would hit the ceiling if iced tea was made that late at night.

Really? Wonder how he feels about making some wings?

I come from a restaurant family, and felt that I had received a ridiculously true statement or an excuse so no extra work need be done on my behalf. Politly and quietly, I just said that I would return another time when tea might be served and left. I was told with a smirk by the waitress that "I just do not know what to tell you".

In this economic time, in a small town full of restaurants, it seems to me that however so small, any income would be a good thing. When jobs are few and far between and customers are fewer, thinking outside the box, making a glass or two of tea in the microwave so as to satisfy a customer and thus earn a $15.00 tab does not constitute unreasonable effort, expense or expectation. Eight gallons of tea was not necessary nor appropriate but I wanted some tea, not beer, not coke, not Pepsi, simply an iced tea.

There are good restaurants that continue to prosper in any harsh eco climate and they are those that sell what the customers want -- not what they have on hand. The Crab shack has tea, Whiteys has tea, Ronnies has tea but not Dicks.

I am afraid that my story is trite and many will think that I should have bent with the situation and ordered something else. As I grow older and a bit more finicky and a bit more experienced, I do feel that my money is as green as it gets, and that the response to my simple request for Tea with dinner is as valid as is my money green. I was willing to pay $2 bucks for 6 cents worth of tea and buy dinner at the same time.

I went home, irate Boss be damned, made some tea for 6 cents and stirred up my own wings with Cajun ranch dressing for $3 bucks.

I do not wish for any type of remuneration, gift cards or free meal tickets, so do not go there. I just want to be treated as a valued customer who simply wanted some iced tea with dinner on an early evening served by a waitress that can think rather than make poor excuses.

My experience is with one of the largest, most solvent corporations in the US with large forth quarter growth in O8. We did not get to that place by telling our customer that, "We ain't got none and cain't get any". We find it, mark it up, sell it and make a profit. On the double time, Duh?
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Posted by B. on 2009-01-29:
Customer service R.I.P.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-01-29:
As the economy continues to worsen, more and more businesses will need to learn what real customer service is all about. As our money gets tighter, so does our demand for excellent service. Good for you for walking out.

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