Bob and Scott's West Coast Tire Complaint - They Put Too Much Oil In My 03 Prius. Don't Go There!

Review by BDriver on 2009-02-02
I would not use these guys. I had not had any trouble until they put too much oil in my 03 Prius. I took my car to the Toyota dealership in Santa Cruz where they performed the diagnostic. Scott says the problem should had shown itself sooner. But not when you move to an area where the temperature outside becomes lower. Thus the problem shows up 2 months later and thus a trip to a new garage. How can you argue with a Toyota dealership? The oil eventually overfilled into the intake manifold. The cost to get the manifold cleaned, new spark plugs, new filter, and oil changed again was $600.00. They did offer me a credit, but I had moved 5 hours away when my car started having problems. Nice of the manager, but I won't be driving 5 hours just to get service to my car. Especially this place.

Do yourself a favor and use someone else. Mistakes happen, but this mistake cost me $600.
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Posted by Starlord on 2009-02-03:
I don't understand them putting too much oil in your car. I used to work at a K-Mart store that had an auto service center. One of the waitresses in the restaurant had her oil changed,and I did the work, giving he an excellent LOF job. She comes in the next morning and informed my boss that I had put too much oil in her car. I got her keys and pulled her car into my service bay. I checked the dipstick and the oil level was right on the full mark. My boss and I went to the restaurant and got a cup of coffee, and we asked the waitress to join us. I asked dhow she determined there was too much oil n her car. shesaid she had checked the dipstick before she started the car that morning, and it was over the full mark. We expained to her the process for checking oil requires the engine be at operating temperature, and you check the dipstick approximately two minutes after turning the engine off. After sitting overnight, the oil drained down into the pan, making it look like it was over full. The car's engine is designed to have some oil clinging to engine parts when the oil is checked. I showed her the specs for her car, five quarts of oil, if the filter is changed. I should like to hear the whole story on your oil change. JDSR.

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