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Review by DJ Miguel on 2009-02-06
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- My name is Michael Johnson and last summer I worked as a mobile DJ for Solid Gold Sound. I did several weddings for them but getting paid from them is nearly impossible. It is now February of 2008 and I have still not been paid for a wedding that I performed on August 8, 2008 and one I performed on September 20, 2008.

I have sent more than 50 e-mails and made dozens of calls but all I get are false promises that they will pay me. I have contacted the brides of the weddings and they were both VERY happy and had paid months in advance for the wedding.

Two weeks ago, I received an e-mail from [snip], the owner, telling me that if I kept “bothering” the company by requesting payment that he will never pay me. This has forced me to file a lawsuit in King County District Court against them. You will also find more than 50 complaints against this company on a website called, “The Rip-off Report”.

If you really want to see how this company works, go to Youtube and type in “Solid Gold Sound wedding video” you will find an investigative report on how this company has ruined the weddings of many brides.

If you are considering using this company for your wedding, I would strongly suggest that you look elsewhere. There have no screening process for their DJs…this probably doesn’t matter because they don’t pay them, but they pretty much have the first warm body they can find show up at your event. When I signed on with them, I gave them a phone call and told them I was interested in working with them. I hung up the phone with 3 weddings...and I hadn’t even given them my last name. Luckily, I’ve been a DJ for 10 years, but I’m sure there are many others that probably don’t have the proper equipment or even know how to DJ that have done the same thing.

They are also completely disorganized. On July 18th 2008, I received a call from this company that they had a last minute wedding in a city near me and asked if I could do it. I raced home and loaded up my van and as I was trying to get to the event, I called the bride to get information about the music and specifics. She told me that the wedding wasn’t for another 2 weeks. The following Monday when I called the office and told them about this, their response was, (quotes intended) “the bride changed her wedding date at the last minute and didn’t let us know”. I eventually did the wedding and it was a large wedding with 200 guests in a busy facility….the bride didn’t change her wedding date at the last minute.

DJs, there is no point working for a company that simply won’t pay you. As I mentioned above, I sent more than 50 e-mails and made dozens of calls and still have not been paid. My last check from them came in late November for weddings that I did in August and September. Every check that I’ve received from them has been post-dated, this meant that after waiting two months to get paid, I had to wait another 1 to 2 weeks to actually cash the checks that they sent me.

Their excuses for not paying are that my e-mails were lost; they didn’t know I had not been paid and they didn’t have my address. [snip] latest excuse is that they received a bunch of deposits and his “accountant” recorded that they were fully paid. He believed he was never paid in full for the weddings. He would have to check and see if he had been paid for the weddings that I performed. That phone conversation took place on December 22, 2008 and I still haven’t been paid. Both brides have told me they paid in full long before the weddings. In any case, it’s not my problem if he hasn’t been paid, I performed the services for him and he needs to pay me.

I have many others complaints about Solid Gold Sound but I only have 750 words here, but please, Google “Solid Gold Sound complaints” and “Solid Gold Sound sucks” and you will find many, many more.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-31:
How did your claim with the court go? They owe me a bundle as well. gcj

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