Mike Shaw Subaru Complaint - Typical Car Sales Nightmare And Rip-Off

Review by donna1458 on 2009-02-09
DENVER, COLORADO -- Summary: lied to make the sale, poor customer support, I think short life for this car dealer with such methods. High pressure sales.

On December 26th 2008, I visited Mike-Shaw Subaru’s lot and I was greeted and assisted by two Mike Shaw employees that promised to price this car as COSTCO car purchase program. I liked the 2009 Subaru Outback 2.5XT limited that I test drove but mistakenly trusted Mike Shaw-Subaru for a respectable car dealer as we negotiated sales price and terms for this new car. One shady thing the salesmen requested that we signed a paper to show our interest into the car when he submitted a price to his boss I should had left.

We basically purchased the car on a plain paper. Was my understanding that your car dealership is listed with the Better Business Burrow and as such I trusted your car dealership to be fair priced on new cars, maintenance service, and establish a good customer dealer relation especially during this hard economic time period.

As I mention before my wife and I liked the 2009 Outback 2.5 XT limited with an MSRP of $34,811, and we settled on $32,950 purchase price, but I was deceived into believing that it was a fair price, and that the salesman would honor the COSTCO car purchase program price as he promised prior of the test drive. You see, when my daughter checked the price for this car at a different dealership one week later the price was $29,219 (she is also interested in the car). The dealer admitted that I overpaid but did not do anything to correct it not even offer a non cash refund. DO NOT GO TO THIS DEALERSHIP if you do not want be lied nad overcharged They also offer an extended warranty for &2000, regular price at other dealer is $1,200.

I did find that this practice of promising COSTCO or SAMS discount and not applying are common with this dealer.

I can not speak for service quality but if you are lied from the start can you trust the service? is up to you .
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-09:
This is pretty much SOP at any car dealer. Your only defense is to know before you go in what the car should cost (like your daughter did), and to stand up and leave if they present a price that is higher. Granted that this dealer did you dirty, you are still more than a little to blame.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-09:
Unfortunately, car dealerships aren't in it to give the customer a fair price..they are in it to win it and get the best price for them.
Posted by donna1458 on 2009-02-09:
If I was a dealer or retailer I would treat the consumer with a correct priced item. I would loose rispect and business if I would act any different way.
Posted by Aerocave on 2009-02-09:
Here we go again...bash the car dealer time! F.Y.I. The Costco purchase program is basically...worthless. The program works about like this: Costco contacts "willing" dealers. The dealer agrees and PAYS Costco for the priviledge of being a preferred dealer (for the particular franchise (s) that the dealer sells. When a customer requests a quote through Costco, the dealer is notified and a price is given (that the dealer quotes). This is really more of a marketing gimmick on Costco's part. Because so many people think Costco or Sam's club have the BEST prices on EVERYTHING (which is not true)...the customer believes they are getting a bargain. Don't waste your time. Go to the dealer. Despite what people think, there are good car dealerships out there--the good outweigh the bad.

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