Brown and Brown Chevrolet Complaint - Disgusted Avalanche in Mesa

Review by BOHUNK on 2009-02-13
MESA, ARIZONA -- Very poor warranty work

I took my vehicle in to have a wheel shimmy diagnosed and I asked the dealer if my vehicle was E85 capable. As it turned out it was, but it was necessary to perform an upgrade.

But, I digress.

I was told that the vehicle would be in the shop for about an hour, so I decided to wait for it.

My mistake!!!

The shimmy was repaired without delay. But, the problem started when they attempted to reprogram the vehicles computer. After 3 or 4 attempts with defective computers, they finally found one that would function and completed the upgrade (it took over 8 hours to complete the upgrade to the onboard computer).

All the while I was waiting, I had to ask for updates because the dealership personnel would not inform me of anything.

Some months after, my vehicle was displaying a "Service Airbag" message constantly. Luckily, the truck was still under warranty. I had 35,971 miles on it. I took it back to Brown & Brown for warranty repairs, mistake #2, and this time I left the truck with them. I received a call about one and a half hours later saying the vehicle was repaired. I picked it up and the light was out, no message. The dealership however, did attempt to charge me over $500.00 for the repairs until I pointed out that the repair was under warranty. That is, until that weekend. We went for a trip (about 250 miles) and half-way through the trip the "Service Airbag" light reappeared and would not extinguish. I returned the vehicle to the dealership and they repaired it again. This time it worked, no "Service Airbag"light. Nor has it reappeared. Unfortunately, they did some damage to other wiring that I was not aware of for a few weeks as I did not drive the vehicle at night.

It seems that the electrical system was damaged as none of the lights built into the steering wheel function. Where I had lighting behind the buttons prior to the repair, I now have nothing. Since then, I have traveled over the warranty mileage of 36,000 miles. The riders side door also suddenly developed a largish scratch with the paint dust still clinging to the scratch site. When I mentioned it to the service consultant, he looked at it and walked away without even a single word. I am screwed.

Also, on both instances, I was informed that I "MAY" receive a survey, within a few weeks, in the mail from GM. And, if I filled it out and brought it in to the dealership, that I would be provided with a free oil change and/or a $25 gas card. Also, should I hand deliver the said survey to the service consultant, he would throw in another $25 gas card to go with the oil change/gas card. Again, this was very much reiterated by the service consultant, but not fully promised (wink-wink). The service consultants told me that it was almost a done deal because the dealerships weren't handing out enough of them and that the dealerships were pressured from GM to submit names for the surveys. I never did receive any form of survey from GM. Months later, I'm still waiting.

The dealership said to bring the vehicle back to them for repairs, but I will not allow them touch my truck with a 40 foot pole after all of that.
I end up though, with a steering wheel that has no lights and no chance of getting it repaired for free as the warranty has run out. But, everything else finally works.

Oh, by the way, I received a letter from the dealership wanting me to purchase an extended warranty from them, informing me that, Quote "as an owner of a 2006 Chevrolet Avalanche it is especially important for you to take advantage of this program" Unquote.

Do I take this as an indication that the vehicle breaks down on a regular basis?
I certainly hope not.
What do you think?

Disgusted in Mesa
Comments:1 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-02-13
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-13:
I think that if they broke it, they are required to compensate you to fix it, warranty or not.

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