Payless Shoe Source Complaint - Unprofessional Servers Of Dissatisfaction

Review by herecomesthejudge on 2009-02-21
PEARLAND, TEXAS -- Daughter bought $30.26 worth of merchandise and was charged twice for a total of $60.52. Payless says its the banks fault although we have proof her card was swiped twice. they were rude, unprofessional, sound like young kids running the operation, and refuse to take the duplicate charge off.

They said its Bank of America's fault, unbelievable. They talked to me like I was stupid and I feel I was discriminated against because I am White.
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Posted by Ben There on 2009-02-21:
Contact your bank to have the second charge removed. They will investigate it and remove the second charge.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-02-21:
I contacted my credit union about a duplicate charge the other day. After a lengthy intro to the problem by me, the girl on the other end said, "oh yeah" and *blink* it was gone. I kind of felt like an idiot for communicating in complete sentences about it :)
Posted by yoke on 2009-02-21:
Call your bank. They will see that identical charges were made within minutes of each other and take one off.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-02-21:
Any business knows at end of day and print out the CC recap if a card was entered twice, that is if they balance at end of day. Of course you can get it off your bank charge, it just takes additional time on your part.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-21:
I think it probably happened because you are white too.
Were the shoes black?
Posted by D. on 2009-02-21:
Does both charges show on her receipt? She does have the receipt, I hope...if it is on the receipt twice, then they swiped it twice...if it is on the receipt once but went through the bank twice, than it was the bank's error.
OR...maybe the price was per shoe instead of the pair.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-21:
I am thinking that it was swiped twice, generating two receipts, and then she was only given one.

File a charge-back through the bank.
Posted by jenjenn on 2009-02-24:
Is this a joke?
Posted by laland on 2009-08-26:
because you are white!!
I'm laughing my butt off!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by sweet cheeks on 2009-08-26:
the color of your skin has nothing to do with the way you were treated. companies don't care & pass the blame off to whoever they can. your main complaint should be the over charge. contact their main office or Better Business Bureau.

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