Acai Berry Detox and Total Cleanse Complaint - Free Trial Offer Scam

Review by dalihall on 2009-02-23
This is not a FREE TRIAL, it is a way to get your credit card and start charging you excessive amounts of money for services that are neither explained nor rendered. I was told that the additional fees of $87.13 would be refunded and that my membership would be canceled, but that the first charge of $87.13 was non-refundable. Luckily, my Bank is on my side, as they have seen their customer's being scammed by this company. Do not delay, make sure you contact these companies and call them out for the scammers they are. Make sure that while you do not cancel your credit card (so that if they have a credit to issue, they can) you make sure that your credit card recognizes this company as a fraudulent one that is not allowed to DEBIT funds from your card in the future. Understand, that I got a wonderful reception to help from my CREDIT CARD company, they were helpful and courteous and understanding of my naive actions and did not make me feel stupid.

Don't be ashamed of your actions, be ashamed of the actions of this devious, fraudulent SCAM!
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Posted by D on 2009-02-23:
My lord in heaven..! how gullible do you have to be to fall for this crappola..!

I must get 5 e-mail solicitations a day touting the fabulous Acai berry!
All you need is a good diet, an occasional laxative and a good facial soap to achieve the ends that the "Fabulous Acai Berry" promises...!



If you fall for this, you deserve what you get!!!

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Dalihall, if you had read the very well hidden fine print you would have seen you agreed to everything they did. Often people have to close accounts to keep these crooks out of them.
Posted by D on 2009-02-23:
What the heck IS an Acai berry ...
do you eat them, wear them, boil, stew or fry them...?

What are they good for and who figured it out to begin with...??
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Anyone that buys something online to "cleanse themselves" deserves to be taken to the cleaners! IMHO

Signed, Pickle juice, "Fish sauce" bad Shrimp and Quarter Pounders w/Cheese!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
You can also try nothing but clear liquids for 24 hours. Great for detoxing your system.
**That does not include vodka**
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-02-23:
caster oil will clean you out from both ends at 1/5 the price
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
No alcohol, ZZ! (sorry)
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
I know that in High School "Pancho Villa Tequilla" worked wonders on the "upper end!"
*my friend's Mom that made me mop up my puke agrees*
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
Didn't you used to have two stars zzrokk? Perhaps if you quit grossing out the membership with the mundane details of your juvenile delinquency you might regain your lost glory.
Posted by cherpep on 2009-02-23:
When you're done cleansing, you might want to check out that lottery you won in a foreign country. All you have to do is give them your account number so you can become a millionare!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
The whole 'de-tox' the colon thing has been around for eons. Ever see 'The Road to Wellville'? I'm amazed at how many people still subscribe to those beliefs and seek out a 'Hose Encounter of the Turd Kind' in the form of enemas. Just my humble opinion, as I am not a naturopath.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-02-23:
LMAO @ ZZ.. You're a five star member in my book!

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