Belle Tire 15 Mile & Crooks Complaint - Bunch Of Crooks! - Tire Patch

Review by Boosh on 2009-02-28
TROY, MICHIGAN -- A few days ago I discovered a screw in my tire. The tire is an expensive tire used on a Mercedes Benz. After I pulled the screw out of the tire I inspected it very carefully and looked at the entire inside of the tire with a light to see if it could be repaired. The screw just penetrated the flat surface of the tire and didn't look too bad. I am aware that if it was on the sidewall it was not repairable. When I took the tire to be repaired for "Free" by these CROOKS at Belle Tire- 15 & Crooks they brought out my tire and notified me that they could not repair it. They showed me a HUGE tear along the inside of the tire THAT WAS NEVER THERE BEFORE! They didn't even see the little hole that caused the problem. They have a scam going on where they slash victims tires that just want a simple patch job done. They want to SELL you a tire- in this case it was a $320 tire! I will NEVER goto Belle Tire again!

Be weary of free tire patching- goto your local gas station and pay the $20 bucks instead.

Speaking for the people- by the people...
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-02-28:
Contact your attorney general and inform him of this bad practice.
Posted by jolit1234 on 2009-09-02:
How can you possibly make the assumption that they sliced your tire? Isn't it possible that since you saw the screw and pulled it out, you assumed that was all that was wrong?

Sounds to me like what happened is you had a screw, your tire went flat and WAS DRIVEN ON, WHICH DESTROYS SIDEWALLS! I hate it when people go on about "I have a Mercedes" so everybody wants my money!!

Believe me, the $320 they would have got from the tire breaks down something like this:

-$18.11 tax
-$260.00 probable cost of the tire
-$10.00 cost to pay the tech to install (average wage)

They are going to go through all this trouble to make 30 bucks? Hardly worth it.

Stop being cheap and buy the tire that you need.

Overall, Belle Tire is a good, honest company. My grandparents stopped by a store one time thinking they needed 4 new tires on their Buick. Much to their suprise, they were told that the tires on the car would last them easily another 15,000 miles or so. Not only that, but they were offered a free rotation to help make sure they got all the miles they could out of the tires.

I just hate when people slander/libel good companies because they blow things out of proportion in their own minds.

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