All Telecom Company problems Informative - What to do from a Telecom Consultant

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Where to file complaints Read everything below before you file

1. FTC or the Federal Trade Commission Call 202-326-2222 for the fax complaint number or file on line www.ftc.gov . The suggested method is fax or by certified, return receipt requested mail so you can include hard copy back-ups supporting your complaint.

ALL, and we stress all, complaints need to go here. Two (2) key things they look for are patterning (a company doing the same egregious thing over and over again) and dishonest or deceptive business practices. If in doubt whether your problem fits this, send it anyway and let them address it.

One (1) complaint to them wont make a dent, but everyone sending in complaints will and that is why they need to get one too!

2. Attorney General (AG) of your State - Each state has a consumer protection type division within the AGs office. This is the second place all complaints should be sent. Note: Specifically request, loud and clear, within your complaint that they DO NOT forward it to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for handling. The BBB is not a Federal or State agency and some telephone companies may not even bother to respond to the BBB.

3. FCC or Federal Communications Commission. They handle complaints on interstate related services. If you are not clear on if it is within their jurisdiction, give them a call first. The fax number for complaints is 717-338-2694 or file on line www.fcc.gov . The suggested method is fax or by certified, return receipt requested mail so you can include hard copy back-ups supporting your complaint. If this results in some type ridiculous response from your carrier, there is a formal step 2 compliant process however this typically requires the assistance of a consultant and telecom attorney

4. State Public Utilities commission or Public Service Commission Each state has one and they handle local service issues. Again, if you are not sure if it is local or not, look them up in your state and give them a call.

5. USPS or United states Postal Service http://www.usps.com/postalinspectors/
If you feel you are getting fraudulent bills and they come in the mail, its illegal to use the mail for fraudulent billing. Write to them too and ask for an investigation.

6. Better Business Bureau or BBB Copy them too, but only after youve reached out to the above first.

Alone you are a mere grain of sand on the beach with no one listening to you. The key here people is mass complaints. You do count so get those complaints out now. Good Luck!
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Posted by parker on 2004-03-08:
why did shaggy and scoob have the munchies all the time? hmmm i wonder...

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