Homesure Warranty Services, Inc. Complaint - Failing To Provide The Service

Review by suesaner on 2009-03-02
CLEVELAND, OHIO -- I bought my home in may 08 and the sellers provided Homesure warranty. I have needed it 3 times, 2 of which were successful repairs/replacements of failed covered items such as a garage door opening system and a tricky to fix leaking bath faucet. The third repair/replacement job, however, is turning out to be the one that shows their true colors. My heating system failed December 18, 2008. It was 10 degree's above zero. HMS found a HVAC contractor to come out and diagnose/repair my problem. First problem already is that they sent someone located over an hour away. Why they couldn't send a HVAC professional from a more proximal locale is a wonder, as I live in Cleveland and they are all over the place. The man arrives and after a short while has found it is the thermostat on my 2 stage heat/air system. It is no good. He doesn't have one on his truck. He will have to order one. He has been burnt by hms in the past on items like this (programmable thermostats in particular) and he calls them to verify that he will be paid. That is a tip off to me that hms may have a less than savory business history.

Conveniently for me, I happen to have a thermostat I had used in a rental home prior to buying my current home. Its not a 2 stage, but it works, and it can pinch hit until the correct one is ordered. Due to our extreme weather this winter, I am more than forgiving to this HVAC provider and his schedule for taking some time to return to finish this job. After all, the thermostat I had on hand is keeping my 76 year old mom from freezing to death, so its ok. In January I begin to call the contractor to set up a date to have the 2 stage thermostat installed. HVAC man tells me on 24 January he has the new one, but he's been swamped with work. He will call me in a week. It is now 2 March 09. I have called this company every week since the end of January. The contractor never returns my calls. I have called HMS twice.

The first time, on 24 February 09, Elizabeth is more than sympathetic and helpful, and even calls the contractor while I am on the line. She gets the same answering service and leaves her message. She tells me to let them (HMS) know if I hear back or not. I called them today as I have not heard from the contractor. A woman calling herself Salina not only is not sympathetic to my plight, but argumentative regarding the fact that its my problem regarding the choice of HVAC provider and if I want someone else I can pay them myself.

She also tells me that the 2 stage thermostat is not a covered benefit. I ask her if that is why the HVAC dude is not returning my calls, even tho I witnessed his call to them getting the authorization for the thermostat I needed. Salina does her best to not answer that question and tries to end this call. I ask to speak with a supervisor. She tells me no. I ask her to intervene with making contact with the provider of services, since it was their choice in the first place. Reluctantly she calls them while I am on the line. Again, another message left for the repair man and nothing achieved. I have read my contract and I am not an idiot. I can see that the item I need is covered. I also know that in 2 months Homesure will be looking to see if I want to renew the policy. I am not only filing a complaint with the better business bureau on both Homesure warranty as well as the contractor they sent to me, but I will advise the realtor of this episode for his future reference and of course no renewal of any kind on this home warranty.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-02:
I suggest suing for warranty fraud and punitive damages. You are incredibly lucky that you had an extra thermostat. I can only imagine the horror for the people in your situation that didn't.

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