Yee's Oriental Inn Kenosha WI Complaint - Doesn't An Allergy Alert Mean Anything!

Review by KevinMasters on 2009-03-06
KENOSHA, WISCONSIN -- I ordered take out from the Oriental Inn aka Yee's Oriental Inn at 5034 6th Ave Kenosha Wisconsin on March 5th 2009. At the first contact I explained to the "nice" lady about my wifes severe allergy to Bell Peppers, and requested I be told if any entree I ordered contained peppers. The lady seemed nice enough to comply. At the end of the order I was assured no Bell Peppers would be present. I picked up my order and the same lady came out to clarify if Chili peppers were okay. I told her they were fine and thanked them for checking on this. Feeling good that they were on top of this I took the order home. The very first thing I opened had a big chunk of Green Pepper sitting right on the damn top!!!! Peppers both green and red were found in abundance throughout the entire order in separate entree's!!!

I called to find out what happened and the older lady that answered (The Owner ) "If you don't like it bring it back!" How callous is that?

I ask you, Do I not have a right to write a bad review when people like that could KILL someone?

Needless to say, they were not apologetic in the slightest and even said I told her "No mushrooms!" What! Then why would the 2nd lady who originally took my order come out when I arrived to clarify the pepper thing?

Oh and by the way. Mushrooms were also very prevalent throughout the entrees!

K Masters
Comments:7 Replies - Latest reply on 2009-03-06
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
Could it be that they did not know or understand what a bell pepper is? If it's not a green pepper, I pretty much don't know myself which is which.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
Whenever we order Chinese, my boyfriend always tells them light onion, as he is not a big fan of onions. They always make sure there are no green onions, but there are always tons of white onions. We couldn't figure this out until I realized that they interpret our order as light colored onions, instead of light on the onions. That's why they would take out the green onions but leave the white onions in. We now change our wording to "light on the onions" and have gotten the correct order. LOL.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
The two above comments pretty much said why this probably happened and may I just add that you are in WISCONSIN so you should play it safe and stick with your "Brauts" minus the Green Peppers.
Posted by B. on 2009-03-06:
Sounds like just a communication error, FYI if I had allergies that could kill me I would not trust anyone to prepare my food and would do it all myself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
That's good advice bargod. I would not trust anyone in the fast food industry to prepare my food if I had an allergy as mistakes do happen. Just read all the complaints on this website about messed up orders.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-03-06:
You are playing with fire. ONLY order things that are not prepared with bell peppers, and don't take the help's word for it, familiarize yourself with food that you can eat safely. Don't take chances.

At my favorite Chinese takeout the food is wonderful and so is the staff, but you could ask them if the kitchen was on fire and they would politely nod and say yes! They just need a little work on their English. :D
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-06:
Its a real risk for people with severe food hypersensitivities to eat out anyway. Sufficient antigen can be transferred by knives, cutting boards, hands, etc. to result in a severe anaphylactic reaction. People with severe peanut allergies can go into a full-blown reaction just from the odor of peanuts. I agree with bargod.

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