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Review by critical on 2009-03-09
EAST GREENWICH, RHODE ISLAND -- I have been a weekly guest since Kon first opened the door to the public. I was there Friday night, as I am every Friday, everything was fine. I returned with 24 people Saturday night to attend a birthday party. We had reservations for 25 at 6:30. We were to have two of the four hibachi tables. They called us in and there were two tables empty, half sat at one, half at the other when the manager came and told us to get up from one of the tables. He was going to sit us at another table which is currently occupied by a large family in the middle of their meal and we would have to wait. He continued to hover over the family sitting at that table and rushing them out the door.

Now there is an empty table while he is putting pressure on this family to finish their meal and making us stand around while the other half of our party is already ordering their first course. Upset by this I asked him why can we not sit at the empty table. His answer to me was that empty table was for another party coming in at 7:00 and that this family was almost done. That upset me even more knowing that he would probably rush us just the same. I told him that we all should order together and I pointed out that 25 people usually $50.00 per person adds up and we could take our party somewhere else if he could not accommodate us with this empty table. His response was that and I quote " I spent a million dollars in here. I make organized decisions." First of all, if organization is rushing your guests and making 13 people stand hovering over this poor family, than I want no part in it. And as far as your million dollars is concerned, it will be a loss if that attitude continues. Maybe the thousands of dollars I have spent in there means nothing, time will tell.

Last but not least we were all watching him at this point and the buzz was around the two tables we occupied. Don't you know he rushed every person at every table we could see from our vantage point. Not a good way to do business. I will take my weekly donation to good food somewhere eles now that I see how they hustle and muscle people right out the door.
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Posted by B. on 2009-03-09:
Sounds like a poor organized and a worse businessman. Good for you for taking your money somewhere else.(VH)
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-03-09:
Even though you won't be going back, did you stay that night?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-09:
Just be sure to let the owner know the reason (in a business like manner) why you are taking your business elsewhere.
Good information
Posted by underthesea.25 on 2009-08-19:
I totally understand how frustrated you felt. We had a party going in as well though not as large as yours and that manager hovered around all the tables and asking if people were finished then more or less forcing the waitresses to hand people their checks! We ended up waiting over half an hour for our table because the other two empty tables were reserved for a party of 20 that wasn't due to arrive for another hour. I don't understand how they do business over there. It's almost as if they don't value repeat customers! At this rate, I really hope they switch management or word just really gets out about their horrible management that more people will boycott them and force them to change their attitudes!

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