Sony Style Complaint - Order Canceled But Shipped/Billed Anyway

Review by Anonymous on 2004-03-13
On 02/11/04 my husband and I placed an order at SonyStyle.com. We changed our minds about the order and on 02/13 my husband called to cancel. He was given a confirmation number by customer service and told that if the order shipped they would call Fed Ex to stop delivery and have it returned to Sony. The day my husband called to cancel was the day the order was originally supposed to ship, so we fully expected it would. No problem, it was our last minute decision to cancel the order. Periodically I checked the order status online to see if it would be shipped, deleted, or show as being canceled. Every time I checked it was still open and ready to be shipped. Since it was past the expected ship date, but not showing as being shipped, my husband called to confirm the order had been canceled and make sure it would not ship. He was told by a customer service person that they could not stop it from shipping. On 02/22, 10 days, (6 business days), after we canceled the order and 10 days after it was supposed to ship, we received an email letting us know that it had been shipped. We checked the order status online and it showed a ship date of Saturday, 02/21. On Monday, 02/23, the money had been debited from our account. My husband called customer service and tried to work his way through to someone who could actually answer his questions. All we wanted to know was when our account would be credited. A customer service mgr., who has supposedly retired in the past week or so, said it would take 7-10 [business] days from the time Sony received the package back for our credit to go through. I traced the package through Fed Ex and Sony did stop delivery. It had been picked up from Sony on 02/23 and was returned to Sony on 02/25. We waited 10 [business] days and our account did not get credited. We called customer service again and were told that it would be credited that night. It was not. We've started calling every day and every day we are told it will be credited that night. One customer service person actually said to my husband, "well sir you ordered it." Yeah, we did order it, and if it had been shipped on time we wouldn't have much to complain about because we did think we were canceling at the last minute. BUT, considering the fact that Sony customer service representatives are so incompetent that 10 days isn't enough time for them to contact their own shipping department to have a shipment stopped, I think I have a lot to complain about! They didn't have a problem and certainly didn't waste any time calling Fed Ex to have the package returned to them, but they couldn't stop their own shipping department from sending out a canceled order to begin with?! When that order was canceled they no longer had authorization to debit our account but they did anyway. We have been lied to on a daily basis by customer service about when our account will be credited. The customer service representatives have also been rude and unwilling to help. Today is 03/13 and it has now been 13 [business] days since the package was returned to Sony and 21 [business] days since we canceled our order. We still do not have our credit. We will continue to call Sony daily until our account is credited. Until then I will be sending out some letters of complaint to anyone I can find an address for at Sony, and I will post my complaint regarding this matter on every complaint board I can find. I will never, ever order anything from Sony Style again and would not recommend them to anyone.
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Posted by BuzzKiller on 2004-12-14:
Probably could've got the item at half the price on Ebay anyway... next time, make up your freakin' mind before making a purchase ya dimwad.

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