SCI Management Complaint - Won't Acknowledge Electronic Payment

Review by hgv on 2009-03-11
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I had used my bank's automatic bill pay system for well over a year to pay this outfit each month. Then they started calling about having not received a certain payment. After many fruitless attempts to resolve this over the phone, I sent them, as requested, copies of the my bank's investigation report that said the payment had been made and a copy of my checking account statement that showed that my account had been debited. My next statement from SCI showed no amount past due. Now, a month later they call and say the got the info but they still won't credit my account for the payment that was lost. They say they can only do that if they get a copy of the "physical" check even though I doubt there even is one (electronic transfer sometimes used). In any event, yet more time and trouble for me to *try* proving that they made a mistake.

The people at this company's billing group seem to be basically robots and have no respect for their 'customers'. I would *never* do business with them again. I just hope my bank is able to help me out...
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-11:
This is ridiculous - they have proof that you paid them and they are refusing to credit it to your account.

Did you attempt to contact their higher-ups?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-12:
Your bank will be able to provide you with a trace number that shows a payment remitted. Once you have provided this to them, it's legally the same as a cancelled check and the burden is on them to find out what the did with the payment.
Posted by hgv on 2009-03-31:
To close this one out: I was able to finally get a copy of a physical check to send as proof of payment. The check copy hadn't been available until now because SCI didn't cash it until a month and a half after they received it! (That's per the endorsement on the physical check.) And they claimed *I* was late!

I dunno if they simply misplaced it or what, but I'm still PO'ed that they hounded me for a situation that was entirely their mistake and were so draconian and inconsistent about what kind of payment proof they would accept.

And of course when I got confirmation from them that the check copy was received, there wasn't even a hint of an apology.

BTW, thanks to Erick at the Scofield (Austin TX) Wells Fargo branch for helping. The bank could sit on the funds after debiting my account prior to the check being cashed, so I guess I can't be too thankful to the bank, per se :-)
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-03-31:
Glad you got some resolution.

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