Lasik Plus Vision Center in Westbury, NY Complaint - Lasik Plus in Westbury, NY has Poor Screening Process

Review by Blondyl on 2009-03-13
WESTBURY, NEW YORK -- Please be wary of using "chains" when considering having Lasik Vision Correction. I cannot tell you how horrible LASIK Plus of Westbury, NY has treated me.

I was screened by a Optometrist with the initials EV, who told me "everything was great" and that I was a "great candidate for the Lasik Procedure". He told me when he had his procedure, he was "fine" and went back to work the next day.

Upon my arriving at the center for my scheduled procedure, having taken a day off of work(and as my spouse had, as well) and arranging for extended child care...I was told that the surgeon had just looked at my records and felt that one of the tests indicated that I might not be a candidate, that he wouldn't offer me Lasik. He repeated some tests and then he offered me PRK, a procedure where it takes up to a month to get improved vision and where significant pain is experienced. He told me that in fact, both he and the screening optometrist (Dr. EV, "Mr. Great")had this same painful procedure and indeed, Dr. EV was in significant pain when he returned to work and was utilizing anesthetic eye drops that were available at the vision center. He let me know that he would not be able to prescribe these anesthetic eye drops to me, as many patients are so uncomfortable that they over use them and they could become "toxic".....I guess he has no respect for the abilities and judgments of someone who has been a nurse for 20 years!

How terrible is it that only on the day of scheduled surgery the surgeon is looking over the screening results of patients scheduled for surgery. During the two weeks before my surgical appointment, I would have been happy to come in and have repeat testing and discuss further options.

In addition, it was obvious on the day that I arrived for surgery that this operation was "mill like". They were just churning out patient after patient. As a matter of fact, no physician reviewed the consent with me....a secretary just advised me to "sign here, here and here". She never even asked me if I read it or had any questions.

I truly believe that had I gone to a private opthamalogic surgeon, I would have had this option......which is the only ethical way to handle patient care. You can't just let someone come in after being anxiety riddled over a pending procedure and say "geeze you are not a good candidate" and was informed that I have a "warped cornea". They actually let me get to the point where I put on a hair net and had already taken a sedative!!!

Then to top it off, when I asked for my records so that I could discuss this "warped cornea" problem that was precluding my surgery, I was told that I would have to PAY for my records. In addition, the surgeon began to say "well maybe it would be ok to have the Lasik surgery....he wasn't sure"!!! Definately not the guy you want doing ANYTHING to your eyes.

I discussed my issues with the office manager who tried to say that they let the optometrist do the screening, but he might not always know what is acceptable or not. WHAT???? Then why is this guy doing screenings?? Also, this optometrist said all of my tests were fine...I came to find out that my results were just over the borderline of being considered having a "thin" cornea...a documented contraindication to this procedure. Another little fact not communicated to me! Yipes! That fact alone would have made me really reconsider my decision to go ahead with the procedure. I was not given the information I needed to make a fully informed decision!

The office manager also told me the surgeon only comes in twice a week...that he works at another center in NY. The surgeon is listed with multiple addresses in the state of Maryland. I urge you to seek out a center with a full time, dedicated physician that is not looking to make money by churning out procedures!

I wonder what the optometrist gets per patient that he clears as good surgical candidate? Is it all about money? I know there was no consideration for the value of MY time and how hard it is to get a day off from working in a busy hospital...or the time of my HUSBAND who is self employed and looses all pay for the day!

This doctor EV wouldn't even make eye contact with me or apologize or even explain why he let me go ahead and schedule a procedure! Very, very frightening.


This has been a horrible experience for me! I was so nervous, SO excited and now am very let down and feel terrible at how undervalued that LASIK PLUS in Westbury, NY made me feel! I am NOT upset that I am not a candidate. I don't want any surgery that is not safe for me, especially for my vision. Some common courtesy and being treated like a human being of value...rather than a piece of meat (or a wad of bills) would be preferable!

I am so grateful that I got out of there before they hurt me seriously with their careless, money seeking practice!


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