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Review by mrchubby on 2004-03-17
Well I recieved a call from them one day stating that if i didn't pay them 1800.00 they were going to have a processor who was waiting up the street serve me a summons for civil & crimial charges. later that night I recieved another call from them stating 900.00 would stop the processor. So I told him I don't pay anything without a orignial statement showing me what is owed. he hung up. called the next day asked what papers i wanted faxed i told him and he sent 2 useless pieces of paper over the fax. when he called to see if we got the fax i told him what he sent doesn't help me out any send me the statement saying what was owed. he say's that has nothing to do with whats going on now. when he calls 2 days later and say's you gonna pay this or not
i ask him for his address He hangs up again. Well its been 3 days and no processor not letter in the mail from them. Oh and i forgot this is a 12 yr old debt. and the amount owed is 355.00 not 1800.00. he was wanting a 1400.00 dollar fee for calling and harrassing me, I hope he's not holding his breath,then again maybe i do.
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Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-16:
This guy is a criminal, and you should be drooling at the opportunity he's given you. Get the calls on tape.
SUPER ILLEGAL POINT # 1 "going to have a processor who was waiting up the street serve me a summons for civil & crimial charges."
a. They can't tell you they're taking legal action if they're not going to.
b. they can't imply that you could go to jail - you can't go to jail for a debt.
The Statute of Limitations has expired. I don't know of a state where it goes past 10 yrs.
Additional Charges: He can't add ANYTHING to The original amount of the debt when they supposedly purchased it. (Not anything that will stand up in court)
This guy is a scumbag. Please post the name, address, and phone/fax number. I'd like to identify who these people really are. There's no listing for GDI Financial; this could be a criminal racket (Fake company) that stole old account info and is trying to scam people out of money. Please answer ASAP. DebtorBasher, you ever hear of these guys?
Posted by mrchubby on 2004-03-16:
The only thing i have is there Phone # they won't give me their Address.
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-17:
I talked to one of my colleagues who helps me identify these sorts of operations and he's actually heard of them. He says:
"They are bottom-feeders who are using an illegal ruse to extort monies they are NOT entitled to. There is a statute of limitations on debts, also seven years is the limit for credit reports.
Turn the tables, tell them you are recording the conversation to use in a criminal complaint, make the slimy piece of trash squirm!!"
Posted by D. on 2004-03-21:
Mr Chubby: You can visit www.skipease.com you can get the address of the company by their phone number, you can also track them down through the fax number. This is a site that does not charge any fees to use. I also have access to websites that where I can access the business owner's names. (No, Mr. MadEye, this is not the extent of my skip tracing abilities, it is just a website that is available to anyone and there are no fees to use it. I often give this info out because for a person who has never used this type of sevice, it is very, very simple for them to use.) You will notice this website has a zillion services to offer. Good Luck.

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