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Review by carpediemo on 2009-03-17
Here is a copy of the mail I sent to my credit card about this terrible company. I still did not receive a refund of their illegal charge. They were very rude and unhelpful at every step of the way:

14th January, 2009

I am disputing a charge that was placed against my account for a reservation that I made at The Windsor Tower Hotel, Manama, Bahrain through Hoteladvisor for the night of the 22nd December, 2008.

I made the reservation but then decided that I wanted to cancel. The cancellation deadline was on the 20th of December. On the 18th of December I tried to cancel via the weblink that was included in my reservation confirmation e-mail. However, when I entered my details, the site said that my reservation did not exist. I wanted to make sure that I would not be charged. I therefore contacted the company directly by e-mail. Again, I was told that the reservation did not exist. I was advised to call their number which I tried to do repeatedly. However, I could not get through. I then wrote the company an e-mail outlining the attempts I had made to cancel this reservation.

I was very surprised when I was then charged for the hotel. How can I be charged for a reservation that, when I tried to cancel it, did not exist? I contacted the company to ask for the charge to be removed. They tried all kinds of tactics to deflect responsibility. At first they wrote that I did not cancel in time. When I provided them with e-mail evidence that I had, they told me that I should have called the number they provided. When I told them that I had tried to do this numerous times and could not get through, they said that they would ask the hotel to make a one-time goodwill gesture and refund me. The hotel refused.

However, I do not see this as the hotel’s problem. It is completely the fault of HotelAdvisor travel. I tried to cancel before the deadline and was told that my reservation did not exist. However, HotelAdvisor travel had made a reservation in my name with the hotel. When I gave them my reservation details to cancel the reservation it was HotelAdvisor travel who advised me that the reservation did not exist. I can understand the hotel not wanting to refund me. Nevertheless, I should not pay for a service that I tried to cancel according to the stipulated guidelines. Hoteladvisor.com travel are entirely to blame and should be solely responsible for ensuring that I get a refund.

I am extremely angry and feel that this company has wasted a lot of my time and I have paid for a service that I made every reasonable attempt to cancel according to the guidelines provided by the retailer.

I would therefore like to be refunded the amount of $US60.59.

If you need me to provide e-mail evidence of my exchanges with HotelAdvisor travel and my original attempt to cancel before the deadline, I would be happy to do so.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-17:
Voted helpful. Disputing the charge is the best action.

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