Motors De Amigos Complaint - I Got Burned And Done Dirty!

Review by daqueenb on 2009-03-18
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I purchased this Denali from this dealership last year Feb'08- at first I was told I only needed to put $2000 down, almost a month later I get told I needed to put an addt'l $3000 to keep the truck because they had to redo the contract because that the original had expired, wtf rite. Well I did that, well almost close to my year anniversary with this truck, this jerk comes to repo the truck at my husband's grandfather's funeral, I had just barely went back to work from my 6 week maternity leave with no pay and I had called and told them to please let me pay in two weeks-well I paid the truck payment that time with a $50 charge I was told to pay for the trouble of the repo guy.... well come next month again he sends his guy to my house to pick up the truck- I was told to go the next day to pay and pick up the truck- when I called the owner Pat hung up on me, his wife Sherri yelled at me and then hung up on me- when I arrived there- he started talking smack and then proceed to call the police on me. Take mind, I was promised from the beginning that the truck would get a complete oil change and that he would fix my a/c switch and he never did. He never made any attempt to contact me, I had called his office to inform them of my financial situation at the time, I was only 2 WEEKS late on my payment and he did this.

He then said he would give me the truck back and when I seen how much was owed on this- he was crazy- he re-did the loan and had that I was owing almost $11,000.00 when the truck was for sale at $12,000.00, I had a $5000.00 down payment, I had been making payments of $467.00 a month for 11 months. Yeah, this man and his wife are CROOKED and DIRTY!! Do NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM THESE people because you will get BURNED!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-18:
You got "done dirty"? That sounds wrong
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-03-18:
It sounds like you were late at least two consecutive months on a truck you had under a year. Combined that with a self financing small dealer, and you can smell a repo waiting to happen.
Posted by fustratedcarol32 on 2009-03-29:
Hey is it a black denalli? if it is I remember that suv! I bought a truck there Jan 08' maybe that's how he makes his money he lest u keep the car for about a year than takes it back mother*****!!! I got behind on my payments so I used to pay them the 450 a mo. regular payment, plus an additional 300 to 400 a month for the last 3 4 months. I was almost always caught up but not quite there!! WTF!! on 03/09/09 Sherri charged my bank card 303.00 without my knowledge!! why 303?? my truck payment was 225 bi-weekly, I called her pissed off because of what she did she messed up my bank accnt and put it into a negative, ggrrr! all she said to me sorry and she tried to call me. So finally last weekend Pat picked up my truck and on Monday I went to the car lot to find out why i waited fir them for 2 hours to get to the stupid car lot and did not show so the girl that works this little operation called them and told sherri to call me @ work because I needed to go to work. so 4pm came by and no call I called them and spoke to Pat that son of a dog old fart proceeded to yell @ me and said thatI needed to pay hiim 1400 to get the truck back and 500 more because my ins, was termed, I told him that the reason that my insurance and my phone were of was thanks to Sherri taking my money out without telling me, tell me what is wrong with that pic. You paid them so much freaking money and than they turn around and screw u like that, I am so pissed @ them. I alredy submitted a complaint with BBB and also my bank.

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