True Value Hardware Complaint - A very rude woman

Review by Mistre3320 on 2004-03-17
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I had planned to buy a ladder today at True Value Hardware. I got the advertisement last week,
and even circled my calender, so I wouldn't forget. True Value sells plumbing supplies,
electrical items, rents out tools, and sells
garden supplies and paint . I've shopped there
for about 5 years without a problem , I've
always got along well with everyone there , until today . I was given a paper to give to the cashier for a raincheck on the ladder, since
they were out of stock. That was problem one.
She misuderstood , she said. She thought I already
had a raincheck . No problem I said, I will
come back tomorrow . She is ringing up my things,
and I proceed to pay for it. Debit or credit
she asks me, I said Credit . Here we go .
" do you have any i.d ?" she asks. Yes, I do ,
but it is in my maiden name, I show her my drivers license . She wasn't satified and begins
a long speech , so I said, Give me the card
back and I'll give you another card with
my maiden name on it. She didn't want to do that,
saying my middle initial don't match on the cards.
On the drivers license it says, Marie s Bowman
on the credit card it says Maria B Hernandez.
Marie Bowman Hernandez . She is acting like
the card is hot. So I grabbed it back from her,
then she freaks, calls the manager , they both
arrive and I tell them, call the back, you think
I"m running hot cards. She is smiling with content then . I have to ( in front of 10 other customers
staring at the whole thing ) drag out other
I.D with both names on it to prove I am who
I say I am . I got so stressed, I told them
I didn't want to buy the stuff now. I went out
to my car and I was going to leave, but she
said smugly, I Hope you have a very wonderful
day now ......GRRRR !!!!! I sat in my car,
then I thought, Nope, I spent over an hour
picking those items out. I go back in and
tell the manager that I want to buy the items,
but not at her register. The stress got to me,
and I starting panicking, crying , gulping for air like one does in a panic attack. What she did
was wrong . She could have been nice and I would
have been nice too and just gave her another
credit card that matches my I.D . It might sound silly, but I feel really hurt over this . You know how you have that feeling that something is wrong
and maybe your stomach is flip floping , like that.
I've never been treated like that , anywhere, or accused of being dishonest.
This woman was black too and probably one of those
welfare to work people who are angry she has to work.
The assistant manager was pretty nice, as well as the girl that rang me up the 2nd time. Most people at that store are very nice.
Comments:9 Replies - Latest reply on 2004-04-11
Posted by stupid people on 2004-03-17:
well all your id and credit cards should match if you expect to use them, the cashier was simply doing her job.... people like you crack me up you would be the first one in the store complaining if your credit card was stolen and used. their is so much credit card theift you should be glad they even asked. it just shows that there are afew people out there doing there job..
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-18:
If this experience was oh-so-terribly-horrible, why on earth would you go BACK into the store to go ahead with your purchase? You mean to tell me there was NOWHERE else ANYWHERE in the great city of PORTLAND, OR where you could have gone to buy your crapload of things? No other True Value's, no Home Depot, no Lowes? Or have you already been banned from shopping at those stores due to your fancy credit-card trickery?
Posted by bill on 2004-03-18:
You are a racist pig. Just because the woman was black, doesn't mean she is on welfare.
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-03-19:
I'm with Bill. The second you went THERE, you trash any credibility of your complaint or your charactor.
Posted by parker on 2004-03-20:
i thought if you were black they give you welfare instantly...and a watermelon.
Posted by terrapin8180 on 2004-03-22:
I think you may have been sheltered as a child. It's really not that big of a deal if she asked you for an I.D. that matched your credit card. It's not the end of the world. And as for the BLACK comment, give me a break it makes me SO angry when that SH*& is always put into play whenever someone has a freakin issue. You really need to get a grip.
Posted by shadowkillr32 on 2004-03-26:
Give me a break. That cashier was doing her job. What if you happened to steal that card? she would be in a load of trouble. If you did not like her and went to your freakin car, why did you not just go to any other place.
Posted by Jeanette on 2004-04-11:
You are a racist, madam. Simply because someone is black doesn't mean that they were or are on welfare, and it is wrong to assume that they are.
Furthermore, the cashier was simply doing her job. The names didn't match. It's a security measure because cards get stolen all the time.
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-04-11:
You, my friend, are a RACIST! Just because the cashier was black does not mean she is on welfare. I glad you got lousy treatment, because it sounds to me like you deserved it!

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