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Review by K and R got RippedOff on 2009-03-22
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- Tomorrow will mark 7 months since we paid over $2700 deposit, and still no shutters!!!!

On 8/22/08 my wife and I ordered shutters/blinds for the windows of my new house. We were told it would take about 6-8 weeks. Now, almost 7 months later, I still have no shutters/blinds, and no faith that I ever will.

In October we received an email saying there was a 2-week delay in our order. No phone call, no new expected install date, just that it has been delayed.

We left things alone, figuring they would be done soon. Another 2 weeks passed, than another, than another, until January; several weeks since the "delay" and we still had heard nothing further from the company. Then we received a visit from a salesperson from their company, trying to sell us blinds!

After advising the salesperson that we had been waiting for 5 months for her company to install our blinds, she said she would have someone look into what is going on.

The following week, we received a voicemail from the owner of the company [snip - no names please]. No apology or anything, just that he didn't know what happened with our order, but they will expedite the situation to get our products ASAP.

My wife called the owner back a few days later. He then lied and said they had accidentally put our blinds into another house (come on, like someone else had the exact same measurements, picked the exact same products and colors!) and marked our order as completed. Then he said they hadn't started re-making our order, but again it would take a couple more weeks for the order to be finished.

Since then, they have set 3 appointments to install, and missed all 3. Once we got an email at 3am the day before install, saying that there was another delay, and it would be a1-2 more weeks, and that he was not available to discuss until next week. The next 2 appointments they eventually set, they no-showed us.

For months we have asked for the product we ordered or our money back. So far, we've been told they will not refund us, and to go ahead and try to do something about it. So much for their commitment to their customers......more like their victims!!!!!
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-22:
You gave them ample time to resolve this situation and the only thing they have given you was the run-around.

At this point I would recommend that you sue them in small claims court, however the jurisdictional limit in Arizona is $2,500, and then you would be forfeiting the remaining $200. If you want the full amount back, you would need to sue them in large claims court, a more expensive and time consuming process.

Information about Small Claims Court in Arizona:
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-03-22:
I actually say this seriously. You should contact the Attorney General's office of AZ. If they do not respond or fail to issue the refund, then I would consider suit strongly. If you have a relationship with an attorney (or even not but it may cost more), perhaps before filing, he/she can write a high-impact demand letter disclosing full intent to sue for all costs, including attorney fees, if the refund is not produced immediately. Letters like that from attorneys to people who know they would get roasted in court tend to make things happen. If not then do it. You'll win all your council fees too. The only risk is if they simply won't honor the judgement. That would be difficult if they intend on staying in business.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-22:
excellent advice as usual Soaring.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-22:
make sure to contact the BBB or any other consumer protection agency.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-03-22:
You placed your order 7 months ago, gave them a deposit of $2700.00, still have not received the product and only excuses so far? I personally would have contacted an attorney when I read "So far, we've been told they will not refund us, and to go ahead and try to do something about it." We have a local fencing company that started requiring a deposit on any order. It seems they had been placed on COD with all their vendors, which came to light after several individuals contacted an attorney. Yes, they got their deposit back and went elsewhere.

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