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Review by nankpax on 2009-03-22
LACEY, WASHINGTON -- I went to an auto repair shop (Champion on Martin Way E in Lacey, WA) with scratched up headlight lenses on my 2003 Honda CVR. The headlight brightness was actually very impaired, they were so scratched up. They quoted a price of $700 to replace these. They then referred me to a nearby detail shop to see if anything could be done about it. I was very skeptical. The Detail Shop, also on Martin Way E in Lacey, made the lenses looked brand new!

It was totally amazing. What I wonder about, is how did they get so abraded in the first place??
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-22:
Great to hear that the detail shop could repair these for you and save you all that money! What I wonder about though, is how do new headlamps cost $700 to replace?? Thankfully the repair shop had you get a 2nd opinion!
Posted by Starlord on 2009-03-22:
We live in Lacey, also, and thank you for the info on Champion. Justbcuz, the headlight 'doors' as they are called, on a lot of cars are just plastic, not glass of any kind. Washington uses a combination of sand and rock salt for ice and snow. Have you seen how this mix can be thrown up behind a vehicle in traffic? In addition, just as with the Ford minivan we used to have, the headight assembly is just that, an assembly. The quartz halogen bulb could be replaced, but not the 'door' or cover. You cannot replace the big piece of plastic, you have to replace the whole assembly, and that is a bear of a job. In Arizona, we invested in a headlight polishing kit for $30 rather than invest major bucks in replacing two headlight assemblies. Whoever had the briliant idea of plastic headlight covers should be taken out and shot
Posted by nankpax on 2009-03-22:
The headlights on this Honda that I am talking about are not just the little bulbs, those are a few dollars. There in an entire assembly of clear plastic and reflectors and the $700 included labor. That makes a lot of sense about the salt and sand. I am not from here, when I first moved here, I thought people must be obsessed w/clean cars, there is a car wash on every corner. Now, I see most of the year the cars are covered with this ugly sand/dust. Also, the car wash I use uses recycled water, the 1st wash is pretty dirty, I am probably contributing the problem because I am too lazy to wash my own car. But, when it's so chilly who wants to get out and wash the car?? Maybe I wouldn't be so lazy if I invested in some good winter fishing clothes?

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