WYSE Financial Services Complaint - Harassment-Constant

Review by localory on 2009-03-22
DENVER, COLORADO -- Wyse Financial Services have never sent us a bill and I am firm with anyone who calls me, that I refuse to discuss anything without something in writing-these days-you don't know who you are talking to-for all I know they want us to accept someone else's debt or collect on something that has already been paid-companies will hire services and if they are paid in full-they never report it to the service provider-and as with this company-they are rough people-where I live-regardless of where they are located-we have consumer laws that they must follow-such as-contacting via the phone-because they leave a message-once-on my answering machine-that counts as a contact-but they call 3-4 times a day-every day leaving 1-2 messages. According to the banking commissioner of our state-that is harassment-whether I owe them or not. Also they can only mail 1-2 times per month-any more than that is also harassment-check with your state banking commissioner and get the facts. Despite where they are calling from-they have to follow consumer laws in the state they are collecting from. Your state's banking commissioner should give you the code # that this company is violating and you should quote that code# to them next time they call-and if they continue to call-file a state complaint on them.

That's what I'm doing-the company is responsible for their employee that's calling or writing you. These calls have to stop.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-22:
Have you requested something in writing and they are refusing to provide it to you?
Posted by localory on 2009-03-22:
Yes-it was ignored-as was my request to stop calling-I just recently got this computer, and had some time to get to look the company up-I now have their address and I will write to them-that was something I was told to do along with keeping a record of the calls and copies of any correspondence, either from me or them. Thanks for responding-I appreciate it.
Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-22:
Sent them a letter in certified mail demanding written validation of the debt. They have no right to refuse this request.

With certified mail, you can prove that your letter was received by somebody there (as they would have to sign for it) at a certain time (critical information if they start calling you again before sending you the written validation).

More information about the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act can be found here.

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