Big 10 Tire Complaint - Beware - Don't Trust Them

Review by SxyGCute on 2009-03-29
CRESTVIEW, FLORIDA -- I went in because my brakes were making a grinding sound. I was told I would have to have the whole brake caliper system rebuilt and that it would cost about $900. I told them I was going to have to call my dad to see what he wanted me to do. They told me that the car could crash any second if I drove it anymore and that they spoke with their manager and could do the job for $750. My husband thought we should do it, since they were being so nice to cut us a deal. I still wanted to see what my dad thought, so I waited. My dad said take it for a second opinion at Meineke, because they don't work on commission. So, I did, and it turns out nothing was wrong with the brake caliper system. Something small on the brakes had to be replaced on the front wheels, and it would cost under $160. I asked them if they were absolutely sure, because Big 10 insisted that my car could crash if I didn't have the work done. Meineke said they are obligated to tell customers everything wrong with their vehicle, because they could be held liable if someone crashed, so they were absolutely certain nothing was wrong with the brake caliper. I also found out that Big 10 employees work on commission, so being that the brake caliper system is one of the most expensive jobs to do with the brakes, they told me that so they could get a bigger check.

Also, my sister went and got some work done with them before I had the chance to tell her they are very shady when it comes to auto repair. She had some work done on her car that cost over $2000, because they said they had a warranty that covered so many more miles on the car. The car broke down again because of the same problem she had repaired and it was way before the warranty should have run out. However, Big 10 refused to honor the warranty. They made up an excuse that it was limited and that her problem didn't fall into the warranty. I would highly recommend people NOT to trust or use their service.

At least get a second opinion, because the Big 10 in C'view is definitely shady. The other Big 10 that my sister went to was in FWB and they are very shady also.
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2009-03-29:
Your sister should sue them in small claims for the faulty repairs. $2,000 is a lot of money.

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