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Review by ryfyrman91 on 2004-03-22
PLACENTIA, CONNECTICUT -- Recently, in a fit of hot dog-itis, I went to the Weinerschnitzel in Placentia, California, and ordered my usual...2 corn dogs, 1 regular mustard dog, 1 regular French fries, and a large Diet Pepsi. The order taker dude repeated back the order--I THINK--and I pulled forward to the window. When they handed me the bag, I could tell by the weight of the bag that I KNEW something was missing, so I opened the bag. Yep--no fries. So, I said, through the closed window and to the back of the teenager working the window, "Excuse me?" He turned around and opened the window. I said that I had ordered fries. He looked up above his head, assuming he was looking at a TV screen that shows the orders? Then he looks down at me and says, get this..."You didn't order any." Never tell a customer he is wrong. What he SHOULD have said was, "Oh, I'm sorry, I must have missed that in your order." So, right then...I'm a little miffed. I said, "Well, actually I did. How much for an order of fries?" At which time one would think the response would be, "1.50 sir (or whatever the price is)." But nooooo, he had to push the point just one step further. He instead says, "Well, I DID repeat the order back to you." Bad move. I responded in kind with, "Great. So are you going to just argue with me or would you like to sell me some f***ing French fries??"

If you are in a service-oriented business, never ever forget that there are people out there like me that will NOT stand for rude behavior. I agree customers are sometimes stupid, but don't PROVE that they're stupid. JUST TAKE THEIR MONEY. They'll come back!! As for me, I'm NEVER going back to that particular store.
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Posted by Laurachitchat on 2004-03-22:
i sure that teenager is glad he wont ever see your ugly mug again.
Posted by Laurachitchat on 2004-03-22:
lmao its me parker get bent eat my shorts dude
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-03-23:
LWRHPS Sorry, We don't speak retardese. Can you get someone to translate into meaningful English before you post, please? Trying to get something of value out of your post is like trying to squeeze orange juice out of an apple. Clearly, the full area of your ignorance is not yet mapped. We are presently only exploring the fringes of that vast expanse. Reading your post makes blindness a wonderful thing to look forward to. No doubt your life is so dull, that you can actually write your diary one week in advance.Maybe you wouldn't read like such a pathetic loser if that pimple on your ass hadn't turned out to be a brain tumor
Posted by ryfyrman91 on 2004-03-23:
Maybe he'll be glad there Laura, however, I don't think it's too much to ask for just a tiny bit of service, don't you? Apparently, by what I read, you're a regular up here...nice reputation you have.

Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-03-23:
2 corn dogs, 1 regular mustard dog, 1 regular French fries...and a large DIET Pepsi??!! Good to see you're watching those extra calories. And it's been my experience that customers are almost always wrong. Just because some jack@$$ adopted that philosophy for his business years ago doesn't mean that it's the gospel. Eat your weenies and shut the heck up.
Posted by bill on 2004-03-23:
Sounds like ryfyrman91 has a legitimate complaint. The guy at the window should have just got ryfyrman91 his fries instead of arguing with him.
Posted by ryfyrman91 on 2004-03-24:
Wow Chris--when you're ready to pull your head out of your ass, you'll read that I already said in the review that I agree that customers DO make mistakes and ARE wrong. But the point was for a pimply faced teenager making minimum wage would do well to not argue with grown man who, oh I don't know, knows how to talk English and knows what he ordered. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to remember for the time it takes to take my happy ass from the speaker box to the drive thru window. And as for your other comment, I don't give a rat's ass about calories...I just care about the taste. Diet Pepsi I happen to like--but thanks for letting me know I should clear my f***ing orders with you before I give them. What a buffoon...

Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-03-24:
Oooo-kay. Well, I had no idea that your being a 'grown man' made you instantly better/smarter than a 'pimply-faced teen'. My apologies for doubting your obvious superiority.
Posted by ryfyrman91 on 2004-03-25:
As long as my obvious superiority is just that...obvious, than my mission is secure and successful. Hey Chris--were you born an a-hole or is this something you learned while hanging around the fast food section of a complaint board? Numbnut...
Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-03-25:
Now, now. That's just the aspartame talking! And don't forget - you are what you eat. How's that hotdog?
Posted by tbarnett41 on 2004-03-26:
This should get some reaction. I completely agree with the original poster's comment. The kid at the drive thru sounds to me like he/she was nothing but a smart ass. When a person (whether it is a pimply faced teenager or a wrinkled man in his 70s) is being PAID to WAIT ON people, thats what they should do and keep their opinions to them selves. the ONLY right an employee has when dealing with the public is they don't have to tolerate physical violnce against them, and they don't have to tolerate being cursed at and called degrading name by customers who want to take their bad day out on someone. Other than that, do your job and shut up.
Posted by ryfyrman91 on 2004-03-27:
Thank you for the support--sort of how I view the whole fast food industry. And thanks Chris--the CORN dogs were fine. :-)
Posted by kapapineau on 2004-03-29:
Rudeness works both ways..the customer has no right to be abusive in any way to the employee!!! Whats with ther 2000 calorie hot dogs and the 0 calorie crap flavored beverage?
Posted by tbarnett41 on 2004-04-02:
That is exactly what I stated above. No employee should have to tolerate rudeness from a customer.......but that employee DOES NOT have a right to inject his/her opinions when a customer is complaining legitimately. When an employee is "on the clock" they give up several "rights" they have when they are off the clock.

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