GE CAPTIAL CONS CARDCO Complaint - Late Payments and Bad Customer Service

Review by Anonymous on 2004-03-23
FT. WORTH, TEXAS -- Hello;I have read most of the complaints and consumer feed back. Sandra from Houston;we have the very same complaint. And I told my complaint to GE Capital but they said it's my fault, now the late charge is on my credit file.
Mr. Anonymous from Indianapolis; I side with you. This is why I'm stopping or curtailing the limit amount of companies having access to my checking account. I spoke with GE Capital Cons Cardco in Feb. 2004 about billing late. The person on the otherside of the phone was crappy, inconsiderate and arrogant. This person flat out hacked me off. I paid my account off in full. Here's the problem; most of you are thinking why not get rid of the card or drop them like a bad habbit, well I would. The Retailer is Discount Tires and from time to time I need to use the 90 day no-interest to get tires or wheels from this store. Now, make no mistake about it. The complaint is not with Discount Tiers. Anywhere I go with this outfit I get great service and great deals. But, when I charge the merchandise, it's always with GE Capital CONS CARDCO.

Here's what I'm going to do. I will take some of these complaints and mine. I will write Discount Tire Corporation and tell them what a great service they provide with their very helpful personnel. But! please get rid of GE Capital CONS CARDCO as thier financial carrier for the above reasons. I will tell them, I went to an entire website that had nothing but complaints from people all across the USA. In fact when I did my serach, I was looking for an on-line transaction account to pay my bills using electronic methods so I can see my transactions post immediately. And what I found was not only this website (my3cents.com) but 2-pages of a total of 100 website hits about GE Capital CONS CARDCO complaints.

One other thing we can do, I know this because my wife had to do this a couple of other times. If you want to take some time and it will consume some time. Instead of threatening Law suits which takes longer time and money. And what happen to us is not law suit material,yet! Make complaints to your local Better Business Bureal, your State Attorney General and then Federal Attorney General can be optional. If people start doing this and these intities start compiling a large amount of complaints, action usually happens. Also, when you make a complaint they will tell you that we are getting a lot of complaints and now persuing action. It's no cost to you or me, but some time. And since most of us have computers with email, you can go right on-line and do the complaint or use the telephone. This is my humble advice, thank you!
T.B. From Ft. Worth
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Posted by Kimmer on 2004-08-12:
Thanks for your comments. I am also involved in doing exactly what you suggested and more. here's my story. I purchased furniture from Bassett Furniture in Austin, Texas almost three years ago. GE Capital financed the $3700+ on a "same as cash" promotion. I made all 24 payments. Even though the minimum payment was around $60 monthly, I always sent in between $150 - $300 per month. I was never late on a payment (they said I was late once). According to the agreement, no finance charges were to be charged and no interest either. When I paid off my account 30 days prior to the end of the promotion, my next statement reflected a balance due of $116.00 even though at the bottom of their statement they indicated that I had paid off the entire $3700 and that all finance charges had been waived. To make a long story short, they have refused to provide me with an explanation for these additional charges having nothing to do with the original agreement (in violation of the Fair Credit Billing Act), they are continuing to charge me monthly late fees and finance charges on late fees (also in violation of the Fair Credit Billing Act), and they are threatening to report me to a credit reporting agency (I have always maintained and "excellent" rating). I am so upset because after reading several articles on this subject, I realize that some of these institutions are making BILLIONS of dollars on bogus late fees and bogus interest rates. The Fair Credit Billing Act is something that can protect customers from unfair billing procedures and bogus fees. Trouble is, most people will not take the time to respond IN WRITING to the agencies that can help them. Feel free to comment or to contact me. I would like permission from some others who have had adverse dealings with GE Credit to forward their story along with mine to some agencies who might be able to help. lonedove@austin.rr.com
Posted by rogmit on 2004-11-24:

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