Family Auto Mart of Melbourne, Fl. Complaint - How To Get Screwed By Family Auto Mart, They Treat You Like Family?

Review by cocoa rascal on 2009-04-02
MERRITT ISLAND, FLORIDA -- I have a good friend that thought the adv. of Family Auto Mart made sense, trusted them, he even traveled out of town to see and buy a used truck. The result: HE GOT SEVERELY SCREWED! The truck is a 2001 Dakota. It has bad brakes, bad tires, a low compression on at least one cylinder/valve out of six, no power options, and numerous scratches and severe dents. The bedliner is falling apart too. He's lucky if this joke/junker is worth $1500, not the $6,000 he paid. They also forced him under duress to sign a contract that states he is buying "as is condition" with absolutely no warranty. Is that fair? He feels very badly and, being a Norweigan, not exactly savvy to our car dealers here in the U. S.A., is tentative about speaking up for his rights and theirs. He has had the truck less than 30 days, and I recommended he get an attorney to talk to them. Can this crooked contract hold up? Even when he was obviously duped and cheated?

I don't see the truck lasting him more than 6 months unless he spends another $2,000 to fix the obvious defects. Any attorneys out there that can help? Thanks.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-02:
This is what's called a painful lesson. "As Is" means just that. It's a red flag when buying a vehicle from any dealer. It's unfortunate your friend got taken, but buying a scratched, dented, 8 year old Dodge for 6K with no mechanical inspection is about as risky as it gets. I got hosed like this one time too, and it won't happen again.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-04-03:
I'm sorry your friend got taken advantage of, it sounds like he should have taken someone with him since he was unfamiliar with buying a used vehicle. Many of the things you are complaining about should have been obvious though (bad tires, no power options ... numerous scratches and severe dents ... The bedliner is falling apart too.)
Posted by cocoa rascal on 2009-04-03:
Thanks Trixta and spiderman2 for your comments/posts here. The main problem was his rush to buy, his wife had the only car after he sold the Riviera, she didn't share, and in his haste, well, he should have taken a friend/mechanic with too. But I still feel Family Auto's lack of integrity and morals are ruthless at best. The truck had been painted recently and was all shined up in and out and that pretty much fooled him greatly. He is not a good business person, and like many others, they also could be cheated quite easily with window dressing.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-03:
I'm really sorry that someone from another country came over here and was taken advantage like that, even more so than if it had been someone born and raised here. Sorry for your friend!

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