Greenwald Complaint - Violent Gestapo Type Tactics & Threatened to Pee in my Hair!

Review by Anonymous on 2004-03-24
I have been a loyal shopper of this establishment for several months, during which time I have purchased most - if not all - of my groceries here. On September 5, 2003, I witnessed the most horrific display of ratty customer service that I have ever seen in my life.

While checking out at register number four, I noticed that the clerk behind the counter was inaccurately weighing my greens. He was pushing his hand down on top of my collards while weighing them so that they ended up weighing 5 pounds instead of 1 pound, all the while thinking that I had not noticed his attempted ripping off scheme.

I politely requested to the cashier, whose nametag read Benji S., that he void the collards and re-weigh them properly, so that I will be charged the correct amount. He not only refused to do this, but he also denied any wrong-doing, despite the fact that I clearly saw him pushing his hand down on the scale, and even captured the image of him doing so on my new wireless camera phone.

Benji demanded that I pay him the full amount for my groceries and leave the store immediately. Of course I did not want to pay for 5 pounds of collards if I only had 1 pound in my possession. Being the calm, rational person that I am, I thought that perhaps a compromise would be in order. Perhaps I could return to the greens aisle, and add 4 more pounds of greens to my bag, so that I am at least receiving that which I have paid for. Benji refused this request as well, continually getting more irate by the moment. He then told me this was my final warning to leave the store, and if I did not leave he would pee in my hair! Gross!!

What kind of store would allow their employees to treat customers in such a manner!!! This is an outrage!! I will certainly never shop there ever again!!

May the public be officially informed that this company is lacking in every consumer-friendly ideal, and should thus be boycotted to the fullest extent of the law!!!
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Posted by Slimjim on 2004-03-24:
You need to tell us the address of this store so we can make sure to stay clear. I almost thought you were joking. Yikes!
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-24:
I am very familiar with this small chain of grocery outlets, and believe me this person is not kidding!! The address is: 4356 Spelladia Blvd, Alston, Alabamama!
Posted by D. on 2004-03-24:
If they threaten right out to pee in your hair, I'd think twice what they might be doing behind the scenes with the food!
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-03-25:
^^^That post is written by something that is so stupid, if I took its tiny brain and rolled it down the edge of a razor blade, it would be like a lone car going down a six lane highway.It seems your fingers not only did your typing, but did your thinking too. Have you considered suing your brain for non-support? You're a message board freak. I know it's hard to accept the truth, but the truth it is, and accept it, you must.
Posted by D. on 2004-03-25:
Mad-Eye...put Mad-Eve in their place. We know by the content and spelling who this creature really is...don't we!
Posted by Mad Eye Moody on 2004-03-26:
No need. Either he was banned from the site, or is now operating under a different name and being forced to behave.
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-26:
How about some constructive criticism to this post? You are all concerned about your own petty problems and not about this anonymous person's experience. Shame!
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-26:
This has got to be a joke. I don't see anyway this story can be real.
Posted by sanford31031 on 2004-03-27:
What possessed you to think that you were capable of being entertaining or interesting to read? You have the warm personal charm of a millipede and about as much class as a bucket of mucous lodged on top of a dumpster in a Blue Light district of New Jersey....Plwase shut up already
Posted by Anonymous on 2004-03-27:
Sanford, why are you wasting your time responding to that troll? Don't you know that's exactly what he wants?
Posted by SF on 2004-03-27:
Exactly, If everyone would stop responding back to him he might stop. My3cents.com is not trying to stop him.
Posted by Paul Pickle 6969 on 2004-03-30:
Did you contact your local weights and measures about the inaccurate weighing of your collard greens? How about talking with the store manager about your concerns? Let me know what you have already tried and I will try to help you the best that I can. As a Consumer Advocate Volunteer it is my civic duty to do so.
Posted by JimFlamer on 2004-04-13:
Sounds like an awful lot of making things up. C'mon, pee in your hair? How would he have even gotten up that high???
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
A restraining order may be needed. It should read: Checker Benji not allowed within fifty yards of customers hair with a full bladder. This should stop the issue from worsening while at the same time allowing you some peace of mind.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-03-08:
I bet this never happened, I bet you are trying to get him into trouble because he did not let you have five pounds of collards for the price of one pound. Where on earth is that "camera proof" that you have. I have a feeling that you are just maing gag letters. That is why you were banned. ALso why did it take you six months to write about this. You are a thief that was first trying to get five pounds of corrards for one pound than you were trying to get nine pouds for the price of five pounds.

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