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Review by Anonymous on 2004-03-28
MADISON, OHIO -- Can you believe it ? You bet. Saturday afternoon made one of those stupid mistakes that we all like to think we would never make, but yes I fell for it. "GOING out of business sales". Not real like you may think it is. Check those prices twice and then one more time and be sure about that police of know returns.( Final sale no returns) Maybe not be sure to check with your state and local BBB, also if you us a charge card check with them on there polices about return and cancellations before receiving the goods.
I decided to go a head with my order and hope I don't regret it in the end. Any ways here the story judge it as you wish. Madison.Ohio Store going out of business (Lake Furniture.) Bought One Couch and One Love seat unit. Came home and did a check at some of the other local stores here and found that the units available at Lake Furniture were the same price or lower then there's and it was reduced..Yes it was, but learn the differences from retail and wholesale. There response was that they may look like there's but they are not as well built or by the same company.This I well confirm when we get the new units in two, six weeks as we have been told I hope. Take some advise if you can't take it home with you right then think real careful about buying it. We now sit and wait and hope we get what we bought. I went back the next day and ask if they would credit our card back but was told no because sale was final and that they are under contract and can't cancel orders, even if it was not even 24 hours since the purchase ( this you might want to check into in your state. ) I feel they could have but chose not to because it would have meant they would have to sell it to someone else or try to find some one as dumb as I was.On well live and learn but I sure wont tell people to go to them if they open any other store, (they might ) and they lost my business and others who I well tell about my experience with them. Keep in mind a store going out of business it going out for a reason, bad service, bad product, over priced,
what ever it is be sure you want to deal with them and remember the guy you dealt with if he opens his doors some where else, you might want to stay far away from them. Tell a friend and a friend who well tell a friend, and just maybe they well move on to a place far away from your state.

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