Rocky Mountain Diner Complaint - Food Was Okay, But Non English Speaking Busser With Attitude

Review by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-12
DENVER, COLORADO -- Okay yes convenient, I realize they have fairly good reviews on here, so I am just going to relate what happened to myself and a friend today and let people draw their own conclusions.

Waitress was "officially polite", if you know what I mean. Said all the right things, just conveyed somehow behind it she really didn't want to be there. Fair enough yes some customers suck, and retail has long days.

The food tasted decent.

The objectionable part was the bus server. I generally have no problem with non-English speaking help as long as they are friendly, smile and are trying. This woman wasn't. Right as I leaned over my plate to deal with a rib half in my mouth, she barreled her hand through and snatched away my spare rib plate on the far side of me without asking or letting me at least lean back first, or asking me if I needed it. Really kind of shocked me. And she was gone before I could say anything. This also really offended my friend, so she called a waitress to complain, we thought that would be the end of it.

Then ***** does the same thing to my friend after supposedly being asked not to.

This time we called over the manager with the really bad hair dye job (get the roots done again honey) and let her know about it. My friend was polite but firm, doing all the talking UNTIL manager-ette says "She doesn't speak English, and you don't need to go there".

Well, if she didn't want that to be an issue, she shouldn't have brought it up and then told us not to talk about it. I think it's wonderful people of all sizes, shapes, colors, languages and flavors are here, but there is one area where I'm sorry, you have to do and know a little more. When you handle other people's food, and you are in proximity with them, no you should not have that job if you can't speak their language. Period. And even if you do speak the same language, you should try at least to communicate when you are taking away plates. That is a basic of any wait staff, period. A GOOD manager knows that.

For the manager, who to be fair, said she would address it (whatever that means) make a racial thing out of it where there was none just to try and make us feel bad for complaining is unbelievable.

So I asked her then and I"m asking her now in this review. What are you doing hiring people who are not qualified to work with customers and don't speak the customer's language and putting them in that position?

Just because she is a manager doesn't mean she should be.

Not everyone who doesn't speak English in a restaurant got here last week and just got a job. And gee, some people actually try to learn the language BEFORE they get here - that's a thought! I mean, I would certainly take a French course before trying to go to work in Paris, wouldn't you? And don't try to tell me there aren't people in Mexico or her neighborhood here in Denver that don't teach English.

Listen, when you hire employees dealing with customers, that is not like doing inventory, sweeping the floor or cooking in the back. They need to know, speak and understand English here. If you care about them and want them to do well, you don't put them in those situations if they don't.

The restaurant clearly has served some other good meals as per the reviews, but this is a basic. If this is the kind of management they have, they are slipping, don't waste your time. The best cooked meal in the world is worthless if you are just shoved around by wait staff that can't or won't respond or listen to you.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-12:
I don't think the fact that the bus person didn't speak English was an issue. Her "clear the table, customer be damned" attitude is not a result of her language abilities. Let's not forget that in a country with people who speak many languages, it is nearly impossible for a restaurant to hire people who speak every language a customer speaks.
Posted by sabletaz on 2009-04-12:
If you are in the United States of America, you need to know the English language.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2009-04-12:
The busser certainly shouldn't have done that, but you don't portray yourself very well here either. "beeyotch" "manager with the really bad hair dye job (get the roots done again honey"
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-12:
The 'manager-ette'? "...roots done, honey"?

I drew my conclusion. The busser was a clod and the bussee was a clod.
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-12:
@ financiallyfit: "it is nearly impossible for a restaurant to hire people who speak every language a customer speaks"

As is abundantly clear from the post, she only needs to learn and speak English and shouldn't have the job until she does. With all the resources here and in Mexico to learn it, it is deliberate laziness on her part and carelessness on the manager's part that she doesn't. She doesn't deserve the job.

Mind all of you I have no problem with the night crew that cleans the office where I work not speaking English - They don't interact with me.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-12:
If by spare rib plate you mean what we call a "boneyard", its not that big of a deal for the busser to clean it away. Just ask for another one.

I'm surprised you found it important enough to complain about. My mouth would have been too full to find the time to whine. Now, if she took the plate I was eating from she'd draw back a stump...

A minor incident like this can be handled by not handling it...
Posted by trp2hevn on 2009-04-12:
Boki... best answer!
"Now, if she took the plate I was eating from she'd draw back a stump..." too funny!
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-12:
Again - uhhhh reading comprehension. The plate was on the FAR side of my main dish. She reached her hand ACROSS my face 1 inch away while food was protruding from my mouth to the plate. What part of that is acceptable to you Boki?
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-04-12:
The first thing that would happened when she reached to take my plate away would be a fork right through her hand. I guarantee you she would get the point then without any verbal messages!
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
Boki, I love you. Marry me.
CE, If you have such a problem with people who you don't understand, you should start taking the time to learn other languages.
The wonderful thing about America is supposed to be it's acceptance of diversity, and quite frankly, your criticism of a non-english speaker comes accross as intolerant, and therefore un-american.
That you can be so upset at someone who is trying so hard to make it in this country seems more than a little unfair. I refuse to believe that any one language is the end-all in a country that is made completely up of immigrants.
I'd say the rude one in this interaction was you.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-12:
lol@ejack! No comprende!

Ok Failalot, I will marry you. I thought you were a chick but as long as I can be the one who doesn't have to shave their legs anymore...I'm there! :D
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
Aww Boki, you've made a lesbian out of me =^.^=
Posted by Elaine925 on 2009-04-12:
I am the friend who was dining with the original poster.

When residing in the United States, a person should speak English, even if just enough to say "may I take that plate", or "are you finished with that". It is rude for a bus person to snatch the plate, glass or otherwise from ACROSS someone's face. Usually bus people do know this.

As for the person who commented that perhaps WE should learn another language, let me remind you ... this is the United States where ENGLISH is the language. Not French, Spanish, Japanese or any other language ... it's ENGLISH!

Just like CE stated, if we were to go to France, we'd learn French, it may not be the best pronuncations but at least we tried. People of other countries really appreciate that you made an effort to learn and speak their native language.

I used to like going to Rocky Mtn Diner (located at the corner of 18th and Stout in Denver) but after what happened on Thursday during our dinner, and the attitude of the manager, they have lost two customers and whoever else that won't go there because of the treatment we suffered through.
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
Unlike France though, darlin', America's native language is not English (or French for that matter xD)
If you really wanna get into this, we could go so far to say as it was a bunch of Native American dialecs, combined with some Spanish in the southwest.
You have conveyed ignorance and intolerance. Spanish is a very commonly spoken language in the US these days. The US is home to over 45 million people of Hispanic descent. The only country with more Spanish speakers than us is Mexico.
You only harm yourself by closing yourself off to these new devlopments.
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
Fail - English is our official language. Does that mean Whites were here first or everything our Founding Fathers did to the Indians was right? No. It is what it is. English governs these transactions. How was I the rude one? The whole thing was over and she was gone before I said a word? Why do you think wait staff have the right to physically abuse customers? And why do you think Spanish should be our national language? What else do you want Mexican flags flying everywhere too? It's ENGLISH. Deal with it.

No Comprende or Habla Espanol.

Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
And how do you know she is "trying hard"? Anyone not even trying to speak English or interact at all other than glaring and being physically abusive is NOT trying hard AT ALL. Comprende?
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
Finally, Fail, you know what - the position you are taking basically means you would support me going to Paris and offensively forcing my English on them, because that is exactly what she has done to me. She is in MY country, refusing to assimilate. People who refuse to assimilate despite being given every opportunity deserve no further coddling or consideration, especially if they are going to be aggressive and nasty.
Posted by Elaine925 on 2009-04-13:
Fail - your "name" suits you well. I do believe that YOU are the ignorant one here. Apparently, by your obnoxious posts, you must be one of those illegal undocumented persons here in the United States. Even though the Spanish language is overwhelming here in the United States, I DO find it offensive. I took 4 years of Spanish in school but REFUSE to speak it here in the US. When I LEGALLY went to Mexico, I spoke Spanish there.

Apparently, you are not getting my point here. It's fine if you don't, but telling me that I'm ignorant shows your own ignorance.

ENGLISH is spoken HERE in the United States. Fail, Get over yourself!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-13:
Physically abusive? Did you actually say physically abusive? And then you woke up.
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
Yes - Reaching across someone's face and snatching a plate with objects on it without asking them is physical abuse.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-13:
Hahahah!! Get real.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-13:
Consumer, I tell you what. You need to volunteer to work with abused women in your area like I did in California. Then we'll talk about whether you were "physically abused".

You're throwing the term around pretty loosely for someone that just had an over-zealous table cleaning.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-13:
Go Boki!
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-13:
elaine and ce, I'm not sure whether to be laughing or crying - knowing that we have people like you living here in America.
For your information, I'm a fourth generation Swedish American, and a 50-something generation British American. Can't get much more legal, white, english-speaking american than that. :F
Physical abuse???
omg, you are horrifyingly hilarious!
Tell me, has anyone ever beaten the sh*t out of you for serving dinner cold?
Clearly not.
Lucky you, but still, shut your yap-hole.
English is the national language of America - de facto - in practice but not ordained by law.
Perhaps YOU need to beef up on your English speaking skills, because I'm not saying Spanish should be the national language, are you sure you were born here?
And on another note of "reading comprehension" I quite clearly typed 'You have conveyed ignorance and intolerance'. Is this saying 'you're a bigot'? No. It's saying you're acting like one. I'm sure there's a good, non-ignorant person in you deep down inside...somewhere. What can I say; despite humanities many flaws, I still have some faith.
I KNOW she is trying hard because every Latino/a immigrant, legal or otherwise, I have met in my entire life has been working ten times harder than any white person I've ever met in my life to earn income, raise their children, be housed, and the lucky few who get educations work harder in that area as well. I DON'T EXPECT you to understand, your blatant and obvious lack of empathy implies a soft, and cushy life rich with luxuries. You don't seem to have the experience of hardship and effort to thrive to draw from.
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
Oh well feel free to report me to the cultural insensitivity police. Just make sure you file the report in ENGLISH.

While you are correct English is not the "official" language, it is most certainly the majority language. 82% of us speak it. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Languages_of_the_United_States So from pure market sense, the restaurant needs to transact in English, and that means EVERY employee. I'll be sure to ask up front if the bussers speak English first from now on.

So you know, if she wants to be successful here, she needs to assimiliate instead of A$$-imilating, it would behoove her to learn it.

The statement earlier stands, you did nothing to refute it, apparently you always favor invaders coming in and not assimilating and I will tell them in Paris they can shut up - you said they need to be quiet and speak Enlgish to humor me because I am "trying hard". lol

Nobody has beaten the stuff out of her - where do you get this stuff? No as supportive as her managerette is of her, I suspect she can abuse a lot more customers and nothing will be done.

Well, given time, the restaurant will pay dearly for keeping this one on. I've set everything in motion :)

P.S. Elaine is 2nd or 3rd generation Italian, so you know what? She can talk just as much as you can on this topic. My ancestors came shortly after the Mayflower, and I'm related to one of the founding fathers, so you know, I think I can speak about what is right for this country.


Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-13:
well, scott. I doubt there's much more I can say. It seems your ignorance knows no bounds.
Anything else I could say at this point would just be wasting my time. Enjoy being miserable...LOL! Oxymoron!...As the world changes, and you stay stangnant and bitter.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-13:
"Well, given time, the restaurant will pay dearly for keeping this one on. I've set everything in motion :)"

Gloating is sooo ugly. I hope you and your friend learn to give a little when it comes to trivial bunkum. It will make your lives, and the lives of the people around you easier.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-04-13:
"Fail - English is our official language."

not i texas
not in nevada
not in dalton, georgia
not in southern california

it may seem like english is the official word, but no longer.
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-13:
thank you MC
Posted by Elaine925 on 2009-04-13:
I am right, I defend my rights to post as I feel.

If you disagree, do more about it ... like continue to agree to illegal undocumented persons taking your job, and living off US citizens.

Not only that, but those of us who vote have more clout than those who don't. Illegal and undocumented persons can NOT vote! Remember that!
Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
You're right Fail, it was fun defeating you in debate. I am going to miss reading your posts - I'll think of you fondly the next time I hear the "macarena" lol.

Posted by ConsumerEqualizer on 2009-04-13:
Yes, Fail go ahead - work in your community:
- Advocate open borders for all the violent drug cartels to come and shoot up our neighborhoods so we can "understand" them
- Advocate for free everything for immigrants forever so they don't have to work for a living
- Advocate for Spanish as a primary language
- start selling Mexican flags to government programs and schools
Have fun! Hasta La Vista, Baby!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-13:
CE, given your speach and also your friend's, one would get the idea that this was not about an employee clearing the table at all...

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