Chu Shing, Somerset Complaint - Worst Service, Rude and Racist Restaurant

Review by Klesner on 2009-04-12
OTTAWA -- We as a family of 10, went to this restaurant for lunch on Sunday afternoon,
We spent at least $80.00 on food alone, this wasn't our 1st visit, we have coming to this restaurant many times, but on this day, the service was very unbearable.
As my wife went to pay the bill, She was told by the cashier, that we need "HAVE" to pay 10% tip, my wife told her that we normally pay but we never were told that we MUST pay, the cashier got very upset, and complain ed to her uneducated supervisor, that came to our table and was challenging my wife on words, Saying that we MUST pay, and she gave racist comment that you Indians are messy, and look what we have to got through, She was very rude, and she was demanding, and said if you can pay, don't comeback here anymore.

My advice to any one visiting the restaurant, please there are many better Chinese Restaurant out there than this worthless, Worst Service, Rude and Racist Restaurant in Ottawa.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-12:
A 10% would have been a cheap out lol, but her comments were WAAAAY outta line. Sorry you had such a bad experience, take your business elsewhere.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-12:
The racist comments were completely uncalled for, as was your description of the Supervisor as "uneducated."
Posted by D. on 2009-04-12:
I wouldn't give my business to any place that MAKES you leave a tip. A tip is to be deserved, if they deserve it, they get it.
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-12:
DB, most sit down places include a tip in the bill for large parties (15% around here). There's usually just a little note either on the menu or at the bottom of the bill.
Posted by Nohandle on 2009-04-12:
You had been to this restaurant many times in the past. I gather you had never been told you must leave a tip. Simple question..were you someone infamous for never leaving a tip in the past? I agree with DB, a tip should be deserved if they have earned it, but all of a sudden a restaurant you frequent decides to automatically tack a tip on?
Posted by Slimjim on 2009-04-12:
Like BB said, a 10% tip is a steal when usually 15% is the going rate. Why argue it unless you weren't going to leave at least that, which may be the reoccurring problem too here. As she also stated, it's almost impossible to find an establishment that doesn't tack on at least that, and usually the 15%, for large parties.

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