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Review by Failalot on 2009-04-12
EVERYWHERE -- To Every Customer in Existence...ever,

I feel there is an issue that has long now needed to be addressed. What is customer service?

Well, as someone who has worked numerous retail jobs over the span of years, and has also been a consumer at many different points, I feel I have a wonderful grasp on just what exactly customer service is.

Customer service is the act of making available all necessary information and products to a customer in a polite and efficient manner. Whether this means offering a pamphlet where the fine print is clearly written out, or pointing a customer in the right direction, or taking in politely offered constructive/positive feedback, or even suggesting items/services that an employee thinks might benefit a customer, customer service is an important service that any business offer.

Customer service does not entail that an employee must do everything to placate a customer. It seems these days people expect employees to do everything from give them free stuff against store policy to read their minds in order to make them happy. Then individuals get upset when they aren't treated like the all powerful rulers of the universe and mini-mart.

As a consumer, when I walk into a business, whether it's DDs discounts or a hospital, I always approach employees with respect, politeness, and nothing but human expectations. There are other people who need to be helped as well, and to add on to that, I can't even begin to contemplate everything that is going into the process of serving me. For example, upon going into an emergency room while having a miscarriage, I (as calmly as I could, the pain was pretty bad) went to the counter, waited my turn in line, filled out the necessary paperwork and answered questions, then asked for some Tylenol. There were over twenty other people in there, at least one with a stab wound, and at least two small children with oddly bent limbs. I waited for eight hours before I saw a doctor. Why did I not throw a conniption fit? Because I realized I was not the only person in pain, and that doctors, nurses and other medical staff were working their hardest to make sure everyone was cared for. I lost my baby, but by golly, I'm still alive, and I can still have one when the time comes that I so choose to have one.

As a retail employee, I see endless amounts of people coming into the various places I have worked demanding ridiculous things. People who try to barter, and haggle at chain stores. People who want us to ignore policy and are upset when we state that not only they, but we as well must follow the rules. People who get upset when they must wait their turn. Has the world been overrun by spoiled children in adults bodies? It becomes easy for me to imagine full grown men pouting as they wait in line, then falling to the floor kicking and screaming when the person in front of them asks for bags for their twenty something purchases. There is not enough room in the UNIVERSE for people like this. The saddest part, though, is that even though these people will come and scream in our faces, we still have to stand there and smile and continue to offer them good service that we know THEY WON'T ACCEPT, lest we lose our minimum wage job.

I am a sales woman, and I am very good at what I do. I am the second youngest employee where I work, and am making the most out of all of them because I put effort into what I am asked to do. I have never offered anything to anyone that I did not think would benefit them. Yes, this includes all of the people on here who I have offered a tongue-lashing. I do not purposefully offer people crappy things for the purpose of sucking them dry of cash, and/or annoying them. I do my best to satisfy my customers and provide them with everything they need, and my relationships with my customers (and yes, there are some who come back simply because they enjoy the excellent customer service I offer) is purely symbiotic.

All this to say, consumers these days need to come to the realization that customer service does not mean rolling out the red carpet and bending over backwards for you, while you scream at us and call us names. Customer service involves nothing more than respectful interaction between two human beings.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-12:
Well done.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-12:
Thank you! There is a real "me me me" culture these days, certainly evident here in some of the reviews. I, too, worked in retail for a (thankfully) short period of time, and I was always shocked by what customers expected me to do. My absolute favourite was the woman who "didn't have time" to call a company about the lifetime warranty on her 20 year old hairdryer and demanded that I do it and then call her when it was done. It was hard to keep my composure most days and I'm impressed that you can. Good luck.
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
muchos gracias all
Posted by MRM on 2009-04-12:
"Failalot" I have a hunch that you work at Office Max, correct?
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
Close. I used to.
Posted by MRM on 2009-04-12:
Cool! Welcome to the site and I look forward towards your first star!
Posted by Failalot on 2009-04-12:
Muchos gracias.
Posted by Suusan B. on 2009-04-12:
Excellent post! The bottom line is we are all in this game of life together and a little respect goes a long way. I, too, worked retail years ago and my suggestion is that people have to work retail for 6 months (preferably during the holidays) before they can have a driver's license. I guarantee after they do they will no longer trash stores, leave dressing rooms filled with clothes on the floor and make unreasonable demands on the employees. Oh yeah - - and they will also learn the art of holding on to their receipts!
Posted by DRVROFRED on 2009-04-13:
Suusan B. Ya baby you got it exactly right! Especially leaving clothes in the dressing room. The ones where the pants are turned inside out, like you want to put your hands in that? Blech. I neatly put my trays away at fast foods, I rehang what I've tried on at stores and the best part; I wait and wait and wait while the new employee is ringing up the rudestccustomer at the front of the line and probably ready to ring the persons neck. It's nice to give a "hello" and something positive to the clerk ringing you up. Even if they seem to have a sour attitude. You can usually change that if you give a little kindness to them. They probably just had a group of horrid people right before you. Politeness goes both ways. Just try putting yourself in someone elses shoes.

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