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Transtar Moving Systems Complaint - Find Another Mover - Moving Service

Review by efreeman14 on 2009-04-18
BURLINGTON, NEW JERSEY -- Transtar moving service has in my book very poor business habits. First off let’s start out with the poor delivery service. There crew of three men were very lazy except for one, I did not bring this up to them on the phone because of this economy we have right know and did not want any one to lose there job over me. The crew were very unmotivated did not want to move things "you work for a moving company remember"; and one of the workers once we reached are new house spent most of his time flirting and getting the phone number of one of are new neighbors. One of the workers spent a lot of time getting this one to work. The problem you may ask, we had only three hours to move are stuff from point A to point B. We do not own a lot of stuff and we moved a lot of it are selves, it was really only large stuff left for the movers. This crew they sent us was just under par I had to explain a lot of ways to move thing that we had cause they could not figure it out, how did I know from watching the crew of the pervious moving company my wife and I used before; And will go back to using after what I seen with Transtar.

Damages, lets see my brand new hardwood floors scratched all over can't even begin to count how many scratches, and telling them not to drag things or slide things across the floor when moving 'Pick them up". My new washer and dryer scratched and dented all over broke one of the feet on the washer, I now have to prop the one side up with a piece of wood. The refrigerator hmmm I can only say wow on this. They pulled and pushed and loosened doors on the fridge the whole time did not want to make it easier by going around to the back door or try any other way of getting in the kitchen. In the process of taking about and hour of moving one item they also broke the water hose on the fridge and had to be replaced.

Now customer service and the contract, I was given 3 hours plus 1 for travel. The move was 5 minutes from my old house they would not move on this travel time. I explained what I had and was only given a 3 hour estimate; this estimate would have been fine if we had a crew that was competent. However we did not and had a very sub par work crew so this estimate fails by default. I was given a total of about $500; the new total was $700 here is why. The work took 1.45 hours over the estimate at a rate of 128 per hour when I was told verbally I would get the 96 per hour rate on any over; but not in contract. So I had to pay the higher rate would not even consider this when I explained to the customer service lady, and I was also penalized 30 minutes from the workers getting there at 8am but did not start working in till 8:30 am. I brought this up to, still no consideration and discount off the new price. Now I will stated I was at fault for not reading the contract and taking there sellers word at face value; they also did give me a 5% discount up from for working for the government. Excluding these two things however it does not change the fact that I felt like I was completely mislead and robbed; along with the worst moving experience I have ever had.

My advise to anyone looking into these movers is to not use them at all tell your friends and family not to use them either. However if you must or chose to go with them have them come out for an estimate, do not do an estimate by phone. Get everything the sales person says on the contract in black and white and read your contract to the fullest.

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